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The Internet’s Most Popular Home Decor Picks

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The Internet's Top Home Decor Picks


Like most of you, I spend a decent amount of time on blogs and Instagram checking out others’ homes. And for the last few months, I keep seeing the same few home decor items pop up over and over again. And so, by very not-scientific methods, I hereby declare these 14 things the internet’s most popular decor picks. 🙂

I’d bet good money that a few of you reading will g0, “Hey! Those are my sheets!” and so on.

1.) The Olga Rug from Wayfair—this rug has got to be the most exposed blogger-loved rug of all time. And yes, we have it too.

2.) The Fake Fiddle Leaf Fig from Target – I have no idea what’s going on with the world, but suddenly fake plants are totally acceptable. I’ve been trying out a few of my own and it’s hard to argue the convenience. And most of them look so darn real nowadays!

3.) The Big Round Brass Mirror from Target – I have been seeing this EVERYWHERE. Bathrooms, entry ways, bedrooms—it’s perfect for it all. At just $40 for a large 28″ round, it’s hard to argue its awesomeness. We used it to stage the house we recently sold.

4.) Shibori Pillows – Shibori continues to be so well-loved right now and it doesn’t apply to just pillows. Curtains, upholstery, window treatments… shibori is everywhere! This specific pillow is from Overstock.

5.) Rattan Cabinet From Ikea – It’s a perfect size for those nooks and crannies that need something, but nothing too crazy. Bloggers have been loving the texture of this piece since it came out last year.

6.) Letterboards – The first letterboards came to the scene via Letterfolk, but tons of people make them now. This specific one is from Mandy at Vintage Revivals.

7.) The Pink Scalloped Vase from Target – This terra cotta vase was a part of the Spring 2017 collection and people freaked out! It’s so pretty and looks much more expensive than it really is.

8.) The Woven Strap Chairs from World Market – My gosh, these things are everywhere and even better, World Market carries them in a bunch of different styles. The ones shown are dining chairs, but I love the lounge-y accent style too.

9.) The Nate Berkus Diamond Sheets from Target – These sheets started the whole idea behind this post. We have these sheets, our neighbors have these sheets (I mean, I assume) and let me guess, YOU have these sheets! (Also, they coordinate super well with any duvet cover and are super soft, get them!)

10.) The Serena & Lily Dip-Dyed Stools – If there’s a bathroom renovation, chances are these stools are a part of the styling. And for good reason! They’re so darn cute! I love the tone of the wood, and who could go wrong with a little modern white-dip action.

11.) Home Sweet Home Welcome Mat from Target – It’s hard to find good yet affordable outdoor welcome mat these days, but this one makes it look easy.

12.) Chelsea Double Sconce from Urban Outfitters – The more “spider-y” a light looks the better, right?

13.) Pom pom throws! Especially this two-pack for under $20 from

14.) And last but not least, the gold framed picture frames.

OK, so how did I do? Did I get everything? What is an item you keep seeing over and over again? And better yet, what do you own of the above?