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DIY Laundry Detergent?

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I have seen lots of bloggers making their own laundry detergent lately and I am so intrigued. Has anyone ever tried it? I see two big benefits:

1.) Possible cost savings (I would need to do some investigating on this one)

2.) Opportunity to create super cute canisters for the detergent

Here are the ingredients:


via Yellow Brick Home

After checking out Yellow Brick Home’s tutorial here, it seems pretty straightforward. I haven’t made the detergent yet (I need to track down this mystery Fels-Naptha product) but I couldn’t stop myself from putting my Tide detergent in a cute canister.

Emily Snuffer

– emily

p/s: Remember this hair tutorial I tried a few weeks ago and ended up with this? Well, today, I added a twist. Literally.

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