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Easy On the Wallet “Artwork”

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As I’m decorating my house, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can no longer ignore my virgin walls, which are desperate for the attention of decor-boosting artwork. And because my current inventory of artwork consists of strictly cheap Marilyn Monroe posters, there’s not much lovin’ I can give. By the way, the Marilyn Monroe posters are going in the first ever (I could say “first annual” and drive some of you A-types crazy) yard sale the third week in June. Mark your calendars!

The annoying thing about artwork is that it costs money, and for the good stuff, an annoying amount of money. So yep, you guessed it. I’ve been cutting artwork budget corners in a way that makes misers cheer and keeps starving artists starving. I have done a variety of things to keep costs down, such as ripping off existing prints by just copying the design (which I won’t publish an example here for fear of a government copyright whooping… yea I’m paranoid like that.)

Another fun idea is cutting leaves off a green plant and smooshing the leaves up against the glass, as shown in an earlier photo of my bathroom below.

Emily Snuffer

And then there’s always the go-to “put the fabric in the frame” option. That idea showed up in this¬†bathroom mood board from awhile back.

My next adventure was creating more personalized artwork. I have been lusting over the Carter Kustera for Jonathan Adler custom prints, which are so far out of my price range it’s hilarious, so rather than cry about my not-so-unhappy unhappy life, I decided to try it myself. The first batch I made for my mom for Mother’s Day which are a little more “safe zone” than the Carter Kustera silhouettes, but still really nice.

Here’s what I did:

1.) Grab your silhouette victim – pet, friend, neighbor, partner, whatever

2.) Have them stand / sit in front of a bright light (like the window or a lamp) with the photographer (you) facing them and the bright light

3.) Take the photo – the crisper the better so take it either early in the morning or late in the day (5 – 7 p.m.) to get the best light and clearest resolution… no flash!

Your photos should look something like this. My victims were Aaron, Suge and Biggie.

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Don’t you dig my pajama pants? Those are from the Delia’s catalog, circa 1999. Oh yea.

4.) Choose your frame and decide what size you want your head to be. In smaller frames, go with a smaller silhouette size than you’re comfortable with. It’ll fit the space a tad better and look like more of a display piece.

Ok, now comes the part where you can choose your own adventure.

5a.) Adventure #1 – If you’re a Photoshop smarty or have a Photoshop smarty friend, have them outline the head and mask in black for you. Easy peasy. (This is the route I took because I just happen to have a Photoshop smarty as a boyfriend.)

5b.) ¬†Adventure #2 – If you’re a lot less Photoshop inclined, trace the head outline on white card stock, then color in your silhouette. Next, use small scissors (I have a small nail scissors on hand just for this occasion) to make your cuts along the outline. I like this option a little better because it looks a little crafty and custom made.

Here’s how my silhouettes looked at this point:

Emily Snuffer

(I love these three side-by-side. It looks like an evolution of man poster.)

6.) Print your silhouette at the size you picked. Home printer is fine. I wanted my silhouettes a little more glossy this time around, so I took my files to Walgreens Photo Center to get the glossy finish.

7.) Affix your silhouette to the paper. I chose a slightly raised foam sticky button to make my silhouettes pop off the paper, which I found at Michael’s.

8.) Enjoy your finished product!

Since my silhouette project was for Mother’s Day, I chose to feature her two grand-dogs. The background is very crazy in these – it was taken at the bachelorette party.

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

I’d love to hear if anyone takes on this project too, or if you have already and have some good tips / ideas.

– emily

P/S: My mom loved the gift!