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Fireplace is Next

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News flash! I updated the look of the site. It still needs a ton of work (like how to get the Go Haus Go header above the main navigation… I’m stumped) but after some midnight coding it’s looking decent. I also cleaned up the right side bar and fixed some of the slow loading issues. And you can search! Search to your heart’s content! And, if you get a chance, click on the “Start Here!” button. It’ll take you to the newly revamped “About” page. I’ve been getting a lot of traffic lately, so the floral button is my attempt at giving new readers the quick down low before they start diving in to my manic posts. 

Now, on to the matter at hand…

As a part of the White Room (living room) makeover, my attention has turned towards the fireplace. I’ve already painted it white (it did look like this) but I’m also itching to paint over the awful tile. It’s a strange color and it’s floor tile to boot. Note: I’ve always wanted to say “to boot.” Do you think the renovators were going for a marble look? If you squint your eyes just so….

Emily Snuffer

For those of you following me on Pinterest, this explains all of the fireplace photos of late filed on my White Room pin board.

So what should I do? Paint the tile and floor mantle a glossy white? Maybe a color? I could also remove the fire box cover and paint the inside black. I’m liking the new trend of placing wood or books inside the fire box. Here are some Pinterest photos that have been inspiring me lately.

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

I’m hoping to get around to this next week but until then, I’ve got a packed weekend, a Backstreet Boys concert (oh yeah.. haha!) and a trip to the lake.

– emily

p/s: Photos from my Pinterest but can also be found here, here, here, here and here.

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