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Etsy Stuff: Chalkboard Labels

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Hi all –

As promised, more posts on some of my favorite Etsy items. These are chalkboard labels from the Bradens Grace shop on Etsy. I love chalkboard labels as it’s an easy, instant makeover to an existing container and it’s super inexpensive. I’m particular to the Bradens Grace shop because of the quality of the labels – no cracking, no pealing and easy to clean. I’m currently using mine to hold “stuff” like doggie treats and chalk.

Emily Snuffer

I picked the 3″ x 5″ scalloped labels and I received 8(!) for $8.99 including chalk. The containers I already had, but can be found anywhere – Walmart, Ikea, Target and are also pretty cheap. I ┬álove this idea for my office.

It might help that I’m already a chalkboard freak (remember my wall?) but it does really add an instant something. I also have seen some amazing ideas being used at weddings. Check out a few of those here (the seating chart banner is to die for).

Let me know if you integrate chalkboard into your lives and I’ll post it here!

– emily