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A Random Post – The First Remke?

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I know this isn’t related to house stuff, but I’m jazzed about it and want to share this with you. A couple of weeks ago I was told that Bill’s Food Mart across the street from my house is the site of the first Remke (which is a local grocery store chain for you Hoosier readers… think Marsh). The building I’m referring to is the one below (I took this pic on my way to work today):

Emily Snuffer

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am overly curious about Covington history, specifically my neighborhood of Peaselburg (which apparently means “goose poop” but that’s another post). To figure it out, I scoured the internet looking for photos of Bill’s as Remke back in the day. After a few days of searching, nothing really turned up. As a last ditch effort I sent an email to the webmaster at and last week I got the coolest reply… with pictures from Mr. Remke himself!

Emily Snuffer

How nice (and awesome) is that? Here are the photos:

Emily Snuffer

As it turns out, the Remke on Holman wasn’t exactly the first location, with the very first store opening on Russell St. in Covington in 1897. The Holman store went up in 1922. So there you have it. This is like Mythbusters but for history dorks. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Now back to design stuff.

– emily