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Cincinnati Finds: West Elm and Pottery Barn at Tanger Outlets!

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This post is further confirmation that the Cincinnati area has the best outlet and clearance shopping for the home! There’s just one place I still haven’t made it to: Tanger Outlets at Jeffersonville. Pottery Barn Outlet has been a big draw for Tanger Outlets for years but there is a very exciting new addition: West Elm Outlet!

West Elm Outlet just opened in July, so the Tanger team invited me to come check it out for myself. It wasn’t exactly a hard sell… we are in desperate need of a new sofa as ours is transforming into a giant glob of dirty peanut butter right before our eyes. And I knew I could expect some good furniture shopping. I also loved getting to shop at some of the other stores they featured there.

This post is all about what to expect from your trip to Jeffersonville, shopping tips and tricks and more.

Tanger Outlets

8000 Factory Shops Boulevard
Jeffersonville, OH 43128

The Jeffersonville location as a whole was awesome… I was impressed and if you know me that is hard to do. Haha! They had a ton of stores that I didn’t know had real retail outlet locations like LOFT, H&M, Williams Sonoma, Levi’s, Journeys, Forever 21 and DSW. Say what!? They also had all the outlet faves like Coach, Gap, Yankee Candle (I stocked up!!), Banana Republic, American Eagle, Crocs, etc. It’s funny… I think a lot of outlet mall stores tend to be skewed to appeal to an older buyer but that did not feel like the case here! I felt like I was shopping alongside my peers which was really refreshing to see.

The last thing I’ll mention about Tanger Outlets in Jeffersonville as a whole though is how family-friendly it is. I was nervous to bring the kids because I knew I had a job to do and how effective would I really be with 3 kids in tow?? Well… little did I know… they have a playground! And putt putt! And ice cream stands! There are little activities at every bend. It seems like they were strategically placed in front of the fragile/glass-loaded stores like Yankee Candle… whether or not that’s true I don’t know but it sure was very convenient. There is nothing more nail-biting than walking 3 kids ages 3 and under into a store that exclusively sells glass. Glad I did not have to… thank you Tanger!

Pottery Barn Outlet

When you walk into this store I think you can actually hear the deal gods singing.

You’ll find items represented from all of the Pottery Barn family brands—Pottery Barn, PBTeen and Pottery Barn Kids included at this store! All three stores are very well represented within this location… I was especially impressed by how much Pottery Barn Kids merchandise they had here.

Unlike the West Elm Outlet which is mostly furniture (I’ll get to that in a minute), the Pottery Barn Outlet has a very wide range of merchandise, with a concentration in sofas, kitchen accessories, bedding, lighting and accent chairs. On the Kid and Teen front, lots of play kitchens, bedding, backpacks, beach towels and all of the ancillary items the brand sells within those stores are there too.

As far as tips and tricks at this location, here are a few that will help your shopping trip run smoothly.

  • If you’ve got little kids with you, head straight to the kids part of the store (on the left) and park them (with a guardian of course!) at the toy kitchens, giant stuffed animals, play food, rocking horses and more. They’ll have a blast looking at all of the stuff.
  • Be prepared to dig! And google! Many of the lighting pieces and mirrors are stacked together and often still in their shipping boxes. Most of them have a screenshot of what’s inside pasted to the front which I very much appreciate, but some do not. Be prepared to google the description and see what’s inside. I am a big fan of all of the Emily & Merritt stuff for PB Teen and Kids so I quickly learned to look for the phrase “E&M” on some of the boxes.
  • Give yourself time! There is nothing worse than being rushed in a store like this, for the reason I stated above. Give yourself some time to go through each section of the store.
  • If you are interested in rugs, be prepared to use your muscles as they are piled high. They also have a great display of rugs that helps you see exactly what they have.
  • As far as prices go, on a normal non-sale day it appeared that most were marked 30-40% off retail. And of course the holiday 50% off sales make these deals extra sweet (I was there during Labor Day, so I benefited from that timing!)

West Elm Outlet

Talk about a kick to the senses walking into this place! West Elm furniture as far as the eye can see! One of the things that I love about this place is being able to finally see some of these West Elm pieces in one place. I don’t have a West Elm near to me (some of us Cincinnatians will remember when there was a West Elm at Kenwood 10+ years ago!) so it was so fun to be able to sit on the Henry sofa, feel the velvet on the Roar & Rabbit goodies and finally plop down on the Andes sectional I have been eyeballing for years.

As you can see, this place is ALL furniture! They do have some accessories, mirrors, rugs and lighting but I would say they make up just 25% of the store’s inventory.

Here are some tips and tricks for shopping West Elm Outlet.

  • If there’s a sale, go early! The furniture tends to go quickly when there is a sale. On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend there were just a few things wrapped up and ready to be shipped to their new neighbors. A friend that went Sunday said that much of it was gone!
  • Yes, they do shipping! I do not know specific rates but I know that it works by radius, similar to IKEA. A friend that lived about 30 miles away paid just $70 for shipping for two large pieces.
  • You can also choose to rent a Uhaul… there were many folks lined up outside hauling away their goods.
  • Most of what’s available is in good condition. I only saw a few things that were scratch and dent and if that is the case, is marked clearly.
  • The staff at the store when I was there were super friendly and helpful. They were helping people pull pieces together to create living rooms right there on the spot. Go West Elm!

My Purchases

As you have seen on my Instagram (and if you have not, why aren’t you following me!??! @gohausgo), I have been uber focused on the boys’ room. We got the cutest bunny sheets from PBTeen ($20/set!) and two giant 24″ shibori-style pillows from Pottery Barn. And I want to go back for that blue velvet West Elm sofa! Aggh!!

To keep an eye out for the next deal day, keep an eye on this page.