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This post is sponsored by Lorissa’s Kitchen. Psssttt… there’s a 20% off coupon for Lorissa’s Kitchen on Amazon at the end of this post!

Can we talk snacking for a hot second? I know this is completely off-topic, but since my brain has been encompassed by food thoughts lately, I’m going to go for it. Since December I’ve gone through a huge shift in the way I think about food. It all started with a gestational diabetes diagnosis with Otto—it threw me for a loop! I had to completely change my normal foods and snacks in order to keep my numbers in check. And while it was a total pain in the booty, it was all for the best because I felt amazing! Even hugely pregnant, I had tons of energy and I attribute that most to my change in diet. Without that diagnosis, there is no way I would have had the accountability or dedication that I did. Nothing keeps you accountable like, “Hey, if you can’t keep your numbers down you’re going to have a huge baby with big shoulders and you won’t be able to deliver him!” or something like that. No thanks!

The best part about gestational diabetes is that it generally goes away after the baby is delivered, and that was the case with me. BUT… I didn’t want to lose my dedication to better eating and better snacking. I did not want to lose the way I felt.

One of my secret snacking weapons? Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks. Have you heard of them?

Snacking with Lorissa's Kitchen

They reached out in hopes of doing some promotions on my blog and sent me an intro to their products. I had to laugh… I think I know them better than they do… LOL! So I happily agreed.

My favorite is the Korean Barbeque… it has just enough of a kick that it satisfies the need for something super savory and hearty, with a touch of that smoked/grilled taste. The texture is what you’d expect from a jerky-like product—maybe a little softer—but tastes much more gourmet and seasoned.

Snacking with Lorissa's Kitchen

There are four flavors overall and each features a different type of animal protein—pork, beef and chicken. Each serving (there’s about 2.5 servings per bag) is 11g of protein, 6g of sugar and 1g (!) of fat. Pretty good, right?

Here’s a look at the other three flavors:

Snacking with Lorissa's Kitchen

Snacking with Lorissa's Kitchen

Snacking with Lorissa's Kitchen

(Do you like my pretty fern background? Mainly because the interior of my house is a disaster zone right now!! We are staging the first house to sell and crap is everywhere!)

Snacking with Lorissa's Kitchen

Anyways, back to the LK meat snacks. They’ve got all the badges good snacks could have: 100% grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free chicken and pork, gluten free, no nitrates, no preservatives and no added MSG. Not too shabby for a packaged snack product. You can read more about the products on their website. Interested in how it all got started? Here’s their story.

And psssttt… here’s how to enter to win a big ‘ole bag of Lorissa’s Kitchen for yourself. I believe it’s also how you get your hands off a 20% off coupon (you’ll have to enter your email) on Amazon.

Happy snacking!!



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  • Thank you soooo much for the tip! I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately, but snack time is always the worst for me, I never know what to eat. Thank you again!!

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi Emily – I just wanted to say that I tried this product and my first thought was “they poured sugar on it.” Sure enough I looked at the ingredients and sugar is the second thing listed. Sugar doesn’t belong on meat, salt does, and you can find a sugarless jerky if you look around or make your own. This is one of the root causes of diabetes, the addition of carbohydrates to things we aren’t even considering might have them. Sorry to disagree.

    • Emily May says:

      All opinions are welcome here! I don’t mind at all. Not a big fan of sugar myself, especially with me monitoring for gestational diabetes when I was pregnant. 6g of sugar per serving size was worth it to me, considering my favorite snacks pre-diabetes were in the double digits.

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