Nursery Design Plan for Baby #3

Let’s get this baby room party started! I’ve pretty much settled on a design plan that I think will work, but most importantly, one I think we can finish before this babe gets here! 6-7 weeks is plenty of time, right? RIGHT!?

With the twins’ nursery, I went bright, colorful and baby. These rooms are right next to each other and both equally visible from the hallway, so while there needs to be some color synergy between the two, I didn’t want them to be too similar. I knew a blue had to be a part of the equation, but other than that, the opportunities were endless.

So here’s how I arrived at this plan. We went to Scotland, was bowled over by all the plaid, wool and green… and boom here we are. A modern nursery design inspired by a beautiful country. Which of course must include a sheep and a bear. Oh yea, and some Christmas beetles. I swear it’ll all make sense.

Let’s talk the location first. Baby #3 will be in what was once our guest bedroom. Guests are now moved up to the third floor and we did our first trial run this weekend. I think they liked it! As you can see, not a ton of room in this tiny room for adult-size people.

DIY Pelmet Box Using Goodwill Find

DIY Pelmet Box Using Goodwill Find

I absolutely love that DIY pelmet box with the shibori fabric, but it’s now in decor limbo until I can find it a new home. Ah the fickle life we lead.

So here’s the design plan. I tried to come up with a name for it, but I’ve failed. Modern Scotland Farm? Scottish Antique Modern? It all sounds so silly, plus I didn’t exactly hold to a hard-and-fast rule. It quickly became a collection of things I really love instead. Let’s just look at the pretty picture.

Baby #3 Design Plan

Let’s talk about each of these things:

  • The Buffalo Plaid Floor—I cannot take credit for this idea, but I am insanely excited about it. I spotted the idea first on Emily Henderson’s blog—the floor she did for her design studio. It’s separate carpet tiles from Flor, in strategic colors and placement, so that it creates the buffalo plaid effect. It’s installed wall-to-wall, rather than the traditional rug, which we needed due to a closet bump-out. Anyways, the tiles arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve almost got it nearly installed, and I DIE over it. It’s really neat.

Here’s the floor from Emily Henderson’s post.

And here’s a sneak peek on how mine is shaping up:

Nursery Progress Carpet Tiles

  • Beetle Wallpaper—Ahhh this beetle wallpaper! This is one of those decor items that have stuck with me since I started putting together rooms. I’ve tried to put it everywhere over the years—bathrooms, hallways, entryways—but nothing felt special enough. This time around, I can’t think of a better space to show this paper off in. And it’s ordered! (Also, big news—I’ve only known this paper to be available direct from Porter’s Paints in Australia, but Porter’s sister company, Sydney Harbour Paint Company in LA now carries it! Yay for better access to awesome stuff.)
  • Rocker—I needed a more affordable option, so I’ve ordered this rocker and ottoman combo from Amazon. I’ll report back on the quality when it gets here, but for $400 and in a cute style, I was willing to take the risk.
  • Ceiling Light—I’ve managed to hide the existing nickel boob light (ugh) in all photos so far but now, thanks to this beautiful brass light, I don’t have to hide the ceiling any longer. I’ve been following Lucent Light Shop for a long time and I’m so excited to finally have one of my own.
  • Dresser—I’m not sure where this exact dresser is from (from Google images) but mine is a $100 find from Craigslist. It was originally yellow and after three hefty coats of Home Decorators’ Peat paint color, it is now a deep olive green.
  • Lamp—We love our Mr. Maria Miffy lamp in the boys’ room, so when Mr. Maria came out with Brown Bear lamp, it went immediately on my wish list. Aaron gets the credit for this one—it showed up for me on Christmas day.
  • Accessories—The rest of the accessories are a bit more up in the air, but things like the sheep ottomanpillows, baskets, mirrors and quilts are high on my list. I’d like to bring in some vintage items (like knobs, a school chart and a pennant), which I’ve tried to reflect above.

Like all projects around here, we’ve got a running to-do list of everything that needs to be accomplished.

  • Move guest bed upstairs
  • Move dresser to master bathroom
  • Remove window pelmet box
  • Patch and paint old nail holes throughout room
  • Paint floor trim white
  • Paint dresser, add new knobs
  • Order rocker
  • Clean out closet, order new hangers
  • Make drawer liners
  • Install carpet
  • Replace light fixture
  • Hang wallpaper
  • Hang curtains and rod
  • Hang wall decor
  • Purchase any finishing accessories (baskets, pillows, ottoman, mobile)

So there you have it! That’s the plan. Like always, I’ll be sharing progress along the way. A post on the flooring is up next!



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