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$100 Gray Yellow Bathroom

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Hiya! Thanks so much for the great feedback and nice notes on my little rookie blog here. Before I leave for a night out with Aaron’s family, I wanted to post something I worked on last night.

A good friend of mine, Lyndsey, needed some ideas for a quick bathroom update. And like anyone who wants a quick improvement, she didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Here is an idea, all for under $100.

Some things I considered:

The walls – Lyndsey’s landlord does not let her paint (which is like denying me air and water)

The pieces themselves – when you’re working with a budget, it’s still important to invest in design. Purchase quality over quantity.

Here’s my idea:

Emily Snuffer

Because she can’t paint the walls (Restoration Hardware’s paint line in Pumice would look amazing) I love the idea of doing a variety of large/small white picture frames. Choosing a mix of vintage and new also helps with appeal and texture. And because I can’t help but throw in something a little silly/whimsical, I threw in Urban Outfitter’s Grassy Green toothbrush holder.

We’ll see what she says. And maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll get an “after” pic!

– emily