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Etsy Stuff: Bow Wow Beds

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Another thing I’ve always wanted to share with family, friends and blog readers – my favorite Etsy shops. Here we go – Bow Wow Beds!

With the addition of Suge (the boston terrier) to the family, I needed a bigger doggie bed. Selfishly, I was hoping the two dogs would lounge all cute-like with each other (which has proved to be more of a dream than reality). And because there are no design-friendly beds available at the usual suspects (Petsmart, Target) I knew I could rely on Etsy.

Bow Wow Beds is unique in that they make their beds out of duck canvas, which means they are almost indestructible to our gnaw-happy little friends. And how cute is the stenciling? It satisfies my recent craving for monogramming.

I also just learned that Amberlii and her Bow Wow Beds will be featured on Nate Berkus’ show which is in ADDITION to being featured on Martha Stewart and HGTV. So awesome.

Here are Suge and Biggie enjoying their bed (separately of course):

Emily SnufferEmily Snuffer

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