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DIY Chalkboard Wall

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The chalkboard wall is done!

Emily Snuffer

It was so easy! And so cheap! I love this idea for offices (hello, brainstorming session?) and for homes with kids. I want to change the design every day! Here’s how it looked before:

Emily Snuffer

Ok, so how did I do it?

I started with a pint of Rustoleum chalkboard paint ($8.99, Home Depot). It goes on just like paint. After two coats (with a lot of drying in between) it’s about ready to go. Some DIY’ers recommend sanding down the paint to make the surface more smooth, but I like more of a rough texture for chalkboard. It also helps with smudging. After some conditioning (rubbing chalk all over surface and then cleaning with damp cloth) I was ready to design. At first, we did just random drawings. A smiley face, a tic tac toe game but then I saw Dana Tanamachi’s chalk typography and wanted something a little more structured. So here’s what Aaron and I did:

1.) Rubbed down the wall

Emily Snuffer

2.) Traced some designs on to transparencies from my Indie Rock Coloring Book ($15, Yellow Bird Project) that I’ve had forever but never used.

Emily Snuffer

3.) Used my new-to-me overhead projector ($15, Craigslist) to get the design up on the wall

Emily Snuffer

And that’s it! Here’s what I spent:

$15 – Projector

$9 – Chalkboard paint

$6 – Chalk

$35 – 100 Transparencies

Total cost: $65. Not too shabby! The majority of the cost came from the transparencies, which are rare these days and suddenly very expensive. (The same reason I’ve been putting off buying film for my Polaroid camera!)

– emily