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Blik Go Bye Bye (Plus a Bathroom Idea)

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Lately, my bathroom has really been bugging me. Like really bugging me. The paint is way too dark and I can see the drips from the moisture. As a reminder, here is what my bathroom looks like (and has looked like for the past 2 years or so):

Emily Snuffer

It looks good from afar I guess, but up close the walls look yucky from water stains and dust, no matter how much I clean and repaint. You’d think I would learn my lesson of not painting bathroom walls so dark (this one is inĀ Behr Toasted Walnut), but I never learn! And I will probably do it again! Anyways… this weekend, I had enough and ripped all the Blik down. It came down surprisingly easy.

Emily Snuffer

So sad. I then ordered a paint fan deck from Restoration Hardware because I’ve been after this “Pumice” color for awhile. The only thing I know I want is that paint color. Everything else is up in the air.

Emily Snuffer

Alright, now imagine the medicine cabinet and lighting has been removed. Here’s an idea I came up with tonight:

Emily Snuffer

What do you think? I am trying to be better with color, especially since my house is currently black, white, gray, off-white and brown. Ha. I think I am still recovering from the color correction painting marathon earlier this year.

The use of the globe pendants means I’ll have to give up my huge medicine cabinet (the door will hit one of the globes). This is a perfect example of deciding between function and design. I might go with design here (I normally wouldn’t) because I think I can gain storage back above the john and in the sink cabinet. I just love those pendants and I think it’d be worth it.

Another thing I’ll add to this post – because I feel bad for trashing $120 worth of Blik – please consider buying quality vinyl decals from Blik rather than springing for the cheaper Ikea, Target versions especially if you’re the type to stick with a room design for awhile (but if you’re manic like me – go cheaper!). Blik is amazing. It doesn’t bubble, doesn’t fall down, doesn’t shrink and doesn’t discolor. And they have 70+ amazing designs. I still daydream about this one. You’ll pay a bit of a premium for them, but it’s worth it especially if you plan on keeping it up for a long time. Even in my moisture-galore bathroom Blik held up perfectly for two years (no bubbles) through twice daily showers. Mega impressive.

Thanks for stopping by. Tell me what you think about the bathroom idea! I also need ideas on good online print shops!

– emily