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DIY White Deer Head (For 45 Bucks!)

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While I’m waiting for the bathroom paint to dry (yippee!) I thought I would do a quick post on my weekend project.

Finished Deer Head - Front Shot

Animal-friendly taxidermy has been quite the rage for awhile, and I’ve seen deer heads and rams on walls pop up everywhere in the design world.

Ok anyways, these deer heads aren’t cheap. They are going for $100+ on Etsy and $250+ on sites like ZGallerie and Unica Home. So given that I couldn’t justify spending lots of money on something so “nice-to-have” I had given up on the thought of having one in my home for awhile. That was until I saw a listing on eBay last week with a current bid of $29.99.

Deer Head - Before

It was like a dream come true! It’s resin, large (about 24″ x 18″ when assembled) and already came ready to mount. I waited until the listing almost closed and bid last minute (sneaky) at $31.00. I won! Two days later, it arrived and I was so pumped to transform it into a nice fancy fake deer head (so strange to say that… who knew one day I would be wanting a deer head in my house?) Here it is partially unpacked:

Deer Head - It's Here!

The antlers came detached, which I was thankful for—will make painting that much easier!

Deer Head Antlers

I’m sure you figured this out already (or hopefully, have ignored this part of the post because you’re busy bidding on your own deer head) but all I planned on doing is coating this thing in high gloss spray paint. It only took about 5 coats. Here is the spray paint I used:

Deer Head Paint Source

Tip for spray painting your deer head: It is a very rough surface (for “fur” and texture on the antlers) which means there will be lots of dips and grooves. I painted the deer head at all angles several times over to make sure I was getting every nook and cranny.

And finally, here he is in all his glory:

Finished Deer Head - Front Shot

And a profile shot:

Finished Deer Head - Side Shot

Talk about a transformation! She’s not on the wall yet (the above photo is her on the floor of the black room) but I can’t get over how fancy she looks. Very quick (about two days mostly due to dry time) and inexpensive. My total expenses were deer head ($31) with shipping ($10) and spray paint ($3.24). Even the smaller ZGallerie one is more expensive than that. If you’re interested in a DIY deer head of your own, check out these great deer head deals on Amazon and eBay

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P/S: I just noticed the fun, pun-not-intended use of the word “bucks” in the headline. So clever I am sometimes.

Happy Sunday!

– emily

Psssssssssttt…. Reader Nick (check it out in the comments) just passed along this great Amazon deal. $45 deer head ready for spray painting. It looks like the savings on this project just got a whole lot better!