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Places I’ve Come To Fear The Most

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In order to optimize your reader experience, you must hum Dashboard Confessional’s “Places You Have Come To Fear the Most” in your head while reading this post. Don’t make me post the music video!

Lately I’ve been turning my attention to the areas of my house that are not so camera ready, rather than tweaking / re-painting / re-fixing some of the areas of my house (black room, bathroom, white room) that are looking pretty good. Usually my home improvement projects and their chaotic order of importance puzzle me but this time it’s crystal clear – there are some areas I have avoided because I am unsure, uninspired and somewhat fearful of what lies ahead. These areas are the kitchen, the laundry room and my bedroom, all of which I have avoided for one of the three reasons above.

Let’s start with the kitchen.
Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

I struggle with this kitchen daily. Let’s whine about this kitchen in an organized fashion:

  • The cabinets bother me. Did you know the trim is hunter green? At least once during a party I’m hosting someone asks passively aggressively, “Uhmm, what are you going to do with that trim?” Answer – I have no idea.
  • White appliances look a little “value priced” but are actually quite nice and still young at only 3 years old.
  • The cheap-o sink. I’d love a white ceramic one.
  • Marilyn Monroe art work – Not original, not interesting. Very “I bought this at Target.” Which I did.
But to end on a positive, I love that it looks clean and clutter-free and while the form / size of the cabinets isn’t working, I do think they pop nicely off the black. It also looks great with my table and chairs. The kitchen counters also follow an important rule in kitchen living – do NOT keep anything on the counter you don’t use every single day. I put things in bold that I think are very important. Same counter rule goes for bathrooms. I would love to do an open shelving concept, like this or this or this or this, using 4-5 white shelves that span the length of both walls and meet in the corner. Dishes would be white and groceries / baking supplies could be easily hidden with large rattan baskets or colorful tin bins. The bottom row of cabinets would be painted either a muddy yellow or light grey. The opportunities are endless and something I could execute myself. I am fearful of this idea because I will not be in the Holman house forever (sob) and I’m sure any future residents would appreciate some cabinets.

On to the laundry room. This one falls in the unmotivated category.

Emily Snuffer

To get you grounded in where this is in my house, I am at my kitchen table looking into the laundry room taking this shot. The fridge is just to the left of the laundry room entry. Before I get on to all of the negatives, can I just say how nice it is to have a first floor laundry? It was on the “must have” list when I was house hunting. Or rather, a “non-basement” laundry room or “non-out house” laundry room because I saw it all when I was out looking.

Now for what’s not so great:

  • Lack of storage – everything is stored here from pee pads to dog toys to dirty laundry pile. It would be nice to keep everything neat and concealed
  • Exposed hook-ups – I hate that everyone can see those! They are an eyesore, even though I try to keep them clean and gunk free
  • Wine bottles – I took a tip from my college days when I decided to put those there, probably because the trash bin was full and I was too lazy to go outside to empty the bin. Seriously. They are terrible. And dusty. Another rule – You are only allowed to display empty bottles of alcohol if you are under 22 years old. Julie, I am talking to you.
  • Cabinets – Again, they are blah.
The plan here is to come up with an affordable solution, as well as an overall design that is as pretty as it is functional. It is a laundry room, after all. I have tackled the hook-up eyesore situation with materials I had from another project, so I’ll share those pictures soon. I still need to come up with a fun solution for above the cabinets as well as the cabinets themselves.
And last, but certainly at the top of my high-anxiety list is my bedroom. This one falls into the “uninspired” category.
Emily Snuffer
If this photo looks familiar, it’s because it, and the rest of my house, was voted on 381 times in the Apartment Therapy contest. Wow, that was boastful! (Update on contest – I did not win, or even get top 10, but I was #11 out of 31 in my category which I consider pretty cool. Oh, and that I was 1 of 189 people that were picked out of a many more entries to even compete in the contest. I gained lots of readers, some online fellow DIY-ers and blog traffic which is totally worth the time and Facebook begging. Thank you so much to those who went out there and supported me via a vote as I continue on this semi-new blogging / decorating adventure. It really means a lot.)
Back to the bedroom. The room is not complete. I need furniture, curtains, new flooring and just general accessories. The problem is I can’t even think of what direction I want to go in. Not one single thought or inspiration. I need help. And as much as Ikea tempts me, I am avoiding it’s cute, affordable furnishings. I want items that are original, sturdy and maybe I’ll venture down that vintage road. So if I’m at dinner with you and I randomly ask you what’s your favorite color / pattern / texture combo, just go along with it.
That sums it up. If this post was titled, “Places I’ve come to cry about the most” then I would have also included my outside spaces like porch, patio and garden, which are also ready for some improvement love.
If I sound like I’m whining about a not-to0-dire situation, I am sorry. I know I am being dramatic. But just know that deep down I am excited to have all of these projects to think about and write about. Things would be much worse around here if my house was beautiful and on the cover of Elle Decor. Seriously. Then I wouldn’t have anything to do!
Also… today is Aaron’s birthday. I am so excited to bestow lots of gifts upon him.
– emily