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OPP: “Casual Color” Bedroom Ideas

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A friend of mine is moving to Indianapolis, to a fancy new apartment she’s sharing with her sister. This is exciting for two reasons 1.) I’m decorating her bedroom and guest bathroom and 2.) We’re working from a totally clean slate (with the exception of a vintage dresser, which is hard to complain about because it’s way cute).

I did three idea boards (that’s the fancy name bloggers use, which I’m using now that I’m a fancy blogger. Har har). The process of an idea board is pretty straightforward and includes lots of time on the computer, playing with different items from stores and keeping track of everything in a “room sources” document to make sure budgets are being met and sales are being enjoyed. When I’m doing idea boards for someone specific, I often do three boards within the realm of their taste and color preference versus doing a few options that are totally out there. I guess I could have done a black-on-black room with faux taxidermy everywhere but I can confidently tell you that’s not what Andrea likes. Andrea likes something I like to call “casual color” and while her past places have typically included dark wood and dark reds / purples this time she wanted to do something a little lighter and fun.

I also had some guidelines to work against:


  • Affordable (think $500 or less).
  • Update-able (everyone likes a good duvet change or pillow change every now and then).
  • Apartment-friendly (which means no wall painting or wallpapering – booooo).
  • Move-able (in case moving a year or so later is in Andrea’s future).

Let’s get it started! Here is the first concept – green and teal.

Emily SnufferA few quick things to say about this green and teal board:

  • Let your curtains / rug / duvet make the statement – in this case it’s the rug!
  • Find pendant lights that don’t need to be hard-wired a.k.a. just plug ’em right in (thanks CB2!).
  • Removable wall decals (like the headboard above) are always a great apartment solution.
  • Try to include something living! Ferns, succulents, flowers, whatever.

And number two:

Emily SnufferI adore this one. Here’s why:


  • Gold!! And a Moroccan pouf! I currently have a Moroccan pouf but it stinks so bad it’s been banished to the basement. The gold one above is from the new Calypso Target line which equals stink free.
  • Ikea has been rolling out their new items. This dresser happens to be one of them.
  • Anthropologie is having a killer sale on their bedding right now. Featured above are the Honeycomb sheets from the sale.
  • Using fabric (like the blue above) to act as “paint” versus actual apartment-not-friendly paint.
  • The ever popular Keep Calm and Carry On print.

And then finally, here’s the last one. I’m listing full sources here because this one is the WINNER! I am so excited to do this room. It is my favorite as well.

Emily SnufferAnd now, the sources. I’ve added handy numbers to help you follow along:

  1. Eden Pendant – $50 – CB2
  2. Deconstructed Cuckoo Clock – $12.99 – (a smidge bigger than a tennis ball)
  3. Faux Ghost Chair – $150 – eBay
  4. Striped Wool Rug 8′ x 10′ – $173 – PBTeen (if I had somewhere to put this I would snatch it right up because that price is a steal!)
  5. Fabric – $5.99/yd (we’ll need about 16 yards) – Ikea
  6. Ribba 45″ Picture Ledges – $14.99/ea – Ikea
  7. Keep Calm and Carry On Print 8″ x 10″ – $15 – Keep Calm Shop (Etsy)
  8. Ofelia Voss Duvet Cover, King – $59.99 – Ikea
  9. Textured Teal Pillow – $24.99/each – Home Goods
  10. Green Pillow – TBD – Home Goods (I think) and Pink Ikat Pillow – $30 – MiCasaBella (Etsy)

Stay tuned for lots of “before” and “after” pics as well as some bathroom idea boards. I wanted to see the direction she approved prior to moving on to the next design (so account manager of me). It’s always good to have “flow” between two rooms which is so gross to say when describing a bathroom, but you catch my drift.

I am so excited about this it is kind of silly.

Emily Snuffer