Another Bathroom Idea

By April 6, 2011Room Makeovers

At this point I am desperate for bathroom ideas. I’ve had mental blocks from all sides – paint, accessories, fabric. And I’ve made the worst decision to buy things as I see them anyways. I’ve decided that the vanity is going to stay as-is, as well as the lighting. I have some major hardware clashing going on, so if I’ve made any decision, it’s that everything hardware-related is going to be oil rubbed bronze, which is what my lighting is anyways. Given what I already have, here is an idea:

Emily Snuffer

1.) DIY Deer Head – Already own (more details on that later – I saved mucho dollars!) – eBay

2.) Terrarium – Terrain

3.) Grapefruit Lotion – Willow

4.) Ceramic Tray – already own – Home Goods

5.) Rise and Shine Print – Keep Calm Gallery

6.) Marimekko Lumimarja Tablecloth – Already own (more details on this later – I’m turning it into a shower curtain) – Crate & Barrel

7.) Pumice Paint Color from Restoration Hardware

8.) Shell Ball – Home Goods

What do you think? I am liking this one, but anxious to see how it works next to my existing countertop, which has orange and grey flecks in the granite. I think at some point I just have to GET IT DONE.

– emily

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