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Hello! I’m Emily! I’ve been rambling on about everything house and home for five (!!) years now. I don’t get too serious around here. I talk mainly about work on my home in northern Kentucky, but you’ll also find posts on my family, my current obsessions and really anything else that happens to invade my mind that week. I’m a full time marketing professional during the day where process and rules reign supreme, so this blog acts as a much-needed sanity keeper and creative outlet.

Our House (Haus!)

I’m on our second home since I started this blog. While the current home is very much a work-in progress, every nook and cranny of my first home has been touched (and re-touched). You can find the house tour of my first home here.

To check out our current home, called the Wallace House, go here!

My Style

Here is how I would describe my design style: it’s a good mix of bright, quirky, trendy, fun, modern, crafty and more. It’s not too serious but it also has tones of luxury that I aspire to. I love DIY projects but am also willing to shell out a few extra bucks on a statement pieces here and there.

Writing Topics

My main focus is home decor and DIY projects related to decor. I write in a diary style and focus on recapping the progress I’m making in my own home. I’m also big on finding inexpensive alternatives (like this $45 deer head project) to satisfy my urges to splurge. Most of the time it works. And then other times, I splurge (like on this industrial spider-looking light in my old living room).

I’m also committed to sharing more of my personal self on this blog outside of projects and tutorials. It’s something I haven’t done a lot of, but I’m gearing up to share things like budgeting, finances, my opinion of Pinterest, designing with dogs, life as a blogger, etc.

This Site Go Haus Go

This blog was born on March 23, 2011 to calm the project ideas swirling around in my head. I write in a diary style (usually to myself) and I’m so happy to have people read along.

The blog first started on Tumblr, then and now finally self-hosted WordPress. I use BlueHost for hosting and I highly recommend them for anyone just starting out! They are awesome!

The Objective of This Blog

  • Share my approach / thought process when it comes to home design
  • Share fresh and unique DIY ideas (ones you can’t find on Pinterest!) that I actually use in real life
  • Help others with their design dilemmas
  • Prove that good decor doesn’t have to be expensive
  • Build a network of blogging friends and family
  • Amuse readers with random life ramblings and photos
  • Make enough income to cover the costs I’m putting into it (projects, hosting, Flickr fees, for example)

My Photos

After May 2011, all of the photos are taken with Aaron’s Nikon D90. Here is a post on my favorite $100 lens for interior shots. I steal the camera from him to snap photos for the blog every chance I get. I love me some big, bright photos!

Contact Me

Feel free to send me an email at

Privacy Policy

I do not share your information with anyone, ever. You must enter an email address when leaving a comment, but it is not published or added to any mailing lists. This site uses cookies for stats, but the information collected is very general and cannot be linked to an individuals personal information.


I cannot promise it’s perfect. I live in Kentucky after all. 🙂