A New Home for A & E String Art

It’s 8:30 pm, the boys went to bed easy and I’ve got a tall glass of gin & tonic in front of me. Life is good. And oh hey! Yea… I’m still here! I promised myself several months ago that I would try to get out a post a week. That seemed doable in this new life of mine. But then my new life quickly reminded me that well… that ain’t going to happen. But let’s try again!

Decorating these days is basically 1.) find something I never unpacked in the basement 2.) bring it upstairs and let it sit for a few weeks and 3.) finally find a spot for it. We’re still unpacking and I continue to uncover all the treasures of the old house. Remember the string art Aaron and I made for our wedding back in 2013? It was its turn to be rescued from the basement.

I was actually reminded that we even had it when a German magazine published it this summer. I think this was actually a web-zine but let’s pretend it was at every newsstand in Germany, mmmmk?

A New Home for A&E String Art

So ANYWAYS, the string art needed a new home and I knew exactly where it should go. We have these wall “cubbies” in the stairwell at the top of the second floor stairs. I have no idea what to put in them or how to use them so I went with the next-best option: let’s just cover them up and pretend they don’t exist! Problem solved!

The cubbie wall is super tall so I needed something with great scale to fill the space. I like to go BIG with home decor… big lights, big art, big rugs… and this was no exception.

Except I needed to deal with one small detail. One of the string art boards was pink. And we have zero pink upstairs.

It was an easy fix. I cut out the pink string and replaced it with off-white. When I do these string art projects I like to use plotter’s string, which is the stuff at Home Depot used to mark off flower beds and keep hardscaping level.

A New Home for A&E String Art

To keep the ends from fraying, I cut them very short and then burn them (and my fingers) with a lighter. There’s some plastic in the string, so it melts and stops the fringe from happening. Otherwise, they’ll get fringe crazy.

A New Home for A&E String Art

With the new string in place, it was time to get them hung. I bought a couple of picture hanger D-rings, specifically the kit below. I always overdue it on the weight capacity. Each of the string art boards is probably 5 lbs. Hey… better safe than sorry.

A New Home for A&E String Art

Here they are in their new home. I love how they take up the entire span of that wall. Don’t ask me how I hung the top one. Or how I’m still alive. 😉

A New Home for A&E String Art
A New Home for A&E String Art


I’ve got so much to share you guys. I’m finding that I either have time to work on the house or write about working on the house… not both. I’m working on it but it’s hard. My boys are growing up so quick (they’re 6 months!) that I’m not really in a rush to be away from them any more than I already have to. Maybe I’ll write about them here soon.

MUCH LOVE. emily

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  • i am dying at your decorating process as of late- hilarious! and LOVE the art!

  • Love and I can’t wait to see what else you have to share 😉

  • Miniature reproductions of Renaissance sculptures is what you’re supposed to put in those little nooks. OBVIOUSLY! But I like your solution, too. I’m just kidding–it’s EVEN BETTER than little cherubs or whatever would have been!

  • Devon says:

    Emily, as a new mother of just one six-month old, I am so impressed that you are even able to decorate at all, much less blog about it! I’d love to hear more about the twins on the blog and how you are trying to balance everything in your new home.

    • After the day I had today (huge meeting at work + two babies with pink eye) this was the best comment ever. So thank you. I’m not sure I’m really balancing things well, but I’m trying. We take it day by day. I will write about the babies soon. Life feels really hard right now but at the same time I am having so much fun. They are worth it. Congrats on your little one. Six months has been a dream! I want them to stay this size forever!

  • Kim says:

    They look great!

    I’m really really really looking forward to re-finding everything that’s been in storage for a year. It will be like Christmas.

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