So How Did I Do in 2016?

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Ah, house goals. What would a blog in January be without them? I’ve yet to decide our plan of action for 2017 (my head is still spinning somewhere in 2016), so in the meantime, let’s recap how we did against our 2016 goals! I did a 6-month check in back in the summer, and let’s just say things accelerated quite a bit since then.

2016 Goal #1 – The Entryway – COMPLETE!

3 Giant Photo Frames

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

Entryway Makeover Reveal After

2016 was the year of the entryway, mainly because it took nearly the entire year to complete! Ha! We did lots of mini projects in here to fully “makeover” this space—the Stikwood wall, a new rug, built a teepee, painted the door black, added a huge round mirror and bench, added shoe storage, created oversized yet affordable family photos frames and installed new door hardware. Phew!

We’ve lived with our changes for about 3 months now and overall, we love it. The kids have a place to play (strange for an entry, but we need all the play space we can get!), we have more storage for hats and shoes and best of all—it looks like “us” now!

2016 Goal #2 – Dining Room/Kitchen – ALMOST!

Kitchen and Dining Room Progress


Well, we completed about 75% of the things on our list: we added new rugs, replaced our kitchen table, welcomed a giant shade table pendant, replaced the pendant lights above the island and topped off the whole space with a giant framed photo of a cow (moo!) What we didn’t complete? We never found new chairs, fixed the ceiling drywall or painted the walls. I’ve sort of relaxed on the kitchen overall because I really just want to throw the whole thing in a fire (it’s really pretty… just has some function issues that drive me a bit nuts), but I’m happy to report the recent changes have calmed my arson-like tendencies. I’m not sure where this space will go in 2017, but I’m hoping I can make more small changes to bring this space a little closer to the finish line.

2016 Goal #3 – The Front Porch – COMPLETE!

2016 Fall Porch Makeover

2016 Fall Porch Makeover
Semi-DIY House Numbers Sign

The front porch was our second big makeover of the year, partially motivated by the awesome weather we had for what seemed like months on end! We started with close to a blank slate and ended up here! I painted stripes on the porch (was a project I did for Angie’s List), we added tall black planters on either side of the door, created and installed a new DIY address wall planter, added storage/seating and just generally made it cute all around. I’d still like to find new light pendants to hang here—the ones that came with the house are too small—but we’re really happy with it for now.

2016 Goal #4 – Miscellaneous – SORT OF!

This miscellaneous bucket housed all of the small, random things we wanted to complete throughout the year. We did so-so in this category on the small stuff (we never got around to replacing all of our bulbs to LEDS, for example, or replacing our living room rug) but then got a little crazy on the big items. What I had listed as “get quote on backyard” turned into us actually installing one (Fence? Deck? It’s sort of a hybrid) right at the end of the year. There’s nothing like seeing your toddler almost fall off the edge to get your booty in motion.

Backyard Fence/Deck Progress

Also, another to-do in Goal #4 was our basement. I’ve yet to write about this whole process yet, but we did clean about 50% of it to sell/donate/trash. It’s much improved, but not all the way there. But then, like projects always seem to do, it snowballed into something greater. All that time spent down there made us notice other things—like a twisting beam and a collapsing staircase—which led us to also fix those things (we hired it out). I’ll make a post about that soon!

Other Blog Highlights from 2016:

So yea, 2016 was a great year for house progress and blog overall. We finished a lot in this house! I feel more clear than ever about where I want this house to go design-wise and I’m just excited to continue the momentum for 2017. I know we won’t be able to tackle a ton (hello, new baby!) but there’s peace in knowing where we’re headed. I can live with that!




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  • Amelia says:

    It all looks great!

  • Maggie says:

    Great update! I’ve loved your style ever since stumbling on the stunning bathroom in your last house! I look forward to seeing where this house goes… take your time; kids make things nearly impossible!

  • Vanessa says:

    Well done Emily – You are becoming a spokesperson, a professional writer and a design maven all while a mother of nearly three. Lots going on for you!

    • Emily May says:

      Haha, yes… well when you say it like that! I love it all, so try to make room for as much of it as I can around my life with my kids and my husband. Worth it!

  • Kim says:

    You are so awesome! I love all the projects you completed, and I love that they all feel so much like “you,” now. I still swoon over your front porch – the stripes, the storage, the planters. I love it all. And seeing your entry again reminds me that I totally want to do some large photos like you have of the boys. Most of our home is still blank walls – needs to be something worked on in 2017.

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