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By January 14, 2016Wallace Woods House

March 1, 2016 Edit: Progress made has been marked in lists below. We’re getting there!

2015 was hard on me on the house-front because I wasn’t able to get a ton done. Our house is beautiful and I’m so glad we’re there, but it just doesn’t feel like us yet. It’s a very traditional home and there’s not a single white wall (gasp!) so yea, it needs some work to feel more like home. 2015 was the year of the babies. 2016 is probably also the year of the babies (and all of our years ha!) but this year I have big plans for getting this place in a better spot!


Oh man, this baby is getting a makeover in 2016. It’s the first thing you see when you enter our house, you can see it from the street (thanks to the big all-glass door and sidelights), it’s huge and basically, there’s just a ton of potential there.

Wallace House

  • New dirt-resistant rug
  • Color block the walls
  • Add an armoire/cabinet/lockers for coat, dog leash, baby carrier and shoe storage
  • Paint the interior side of the front door and sidelights black
  • Replace the nickel deadbolt with something fun in brass
  • Patch the holes in the front door left from old deadbolts
  • Polish the doorknob
  • New art/wall something for the space

I’m happy to report some progress has been made, with the biggest change being the newly color-blocked walls. This was my somewhat-genius solution (if I do say so myself) for updating the walls while still avoiding painting the nearly 14-foot ceilings as you head up the stairs. So the beige continues up the stairwell, but the bottom 47″ has its new white. It’s now all the way around the entryway, which happened after this photo was taken. I like that the white stripe is a modern nod to wainscoting/paneling often seen in these types of homes.
Entryway Progress
Entryway Progress

Entryway Progress

Ahh, feels good. I even took a picture of the wicked straight paint line along the stairs but decided against sharing it here. I think that might be something only I can appreciate ha!


It's Starting to Look Like Home - Part 2

It’s time to inject some personality in this space. I’m so ready! We always have people over at our house these days and like any house, this is where the party is. Right now it’s just a hodge podge of furniture from the old place, plus a new dining room table. For 2016, I’m not trying to turn these rooms upside down (that will happen over time) but I do want to change it so it feels better/more like us. Consider this the “Phase 1”

  • Paint kitchen
  • Remove existing chandelier over table
  • New kitchen island lights (which have been ordered!)
  • Fix kitchen ceiling
  • Add big-scale wall art (you can see a peek of that above!)
  • New dining room chairs plus long bench
  • New runners for in front of window sink and island

Front of the House Florals

We’ve got a great head start on this last year, but in 2016, I want to make it feel more welcoming. We hang out a lot on this porch, so I’d also like to add more seating one way or another, too.

  • Add oversized, tall cedar planters to either side of door (this is done! Thanks Dad!)
  • Add seating (two more seats minimum)
  • Add outdoor ottoman/drink holder of some kind
  • New door mat (DIY?)
  • Re-mulch and re-plant in the Spring
  • Add larger scale porch lights


I’ve got a bunch of stuff on my list that doesn’t really fall into a single category, so here you go.

  • Clean out 50% of the basement to participate in the neighborhood yard sale
  • Convert all lights to LED bulbs
  • New, more padded rug for living room
  • Add storage to master bathroom (storing our towels in an old cardboard moving box isn’t really cutting it anymore)
  • Continue to pursue quotes for backyard fence (it’s not exactly easy finding someone who’s on-board with the horizontal approach)

So there you have it! I think it’s doable! The entryway is first. And like always, I’ll share the progress along the way.



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