2016 House Goals – 6 Months In

Goal setting has always been a huge motivator for me. I’m not always successful, but it does keep me focused and driven for the entire year. There’s so much to do at the house, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed with a never-ending list. Setting house goals each year allows my brain to focus on a few important things, and gives me a pass until next year on everything else. Sure, I get a little sidetracked (guest bedroom, anyone?), but for the most part, I stay the course.

Alright, so goals. (Here’s the OG post from January, by the way.)


This is 90% complete! Yaass!

With the exception of some styling and wall decor, this space is close to being complete. Makes me feel so darn good! Here’s everything I set out to do:

The Before

The Almost-After

I think I need some wall art on the stair wall, above the white stripe? That gap there is bothering me, but I want to put something meaningful there, not mass produced. Onward!


Oh, lort. I’ve barely touched it. Mainly because it just needs so darn much, I can’t even. The things I have listed for 2016 are quick fixes, but truthfully, I’d like to just torch the thing. KIDDING! KIND OF. I’m being a little facetious here, so stick with me. Here’s what I planned to do:

I need to do another post about this space, because I have so many plans for it. The biggest thing I’d love to do is remove that bump up/breakfast bar thing from the island (an outdated thing now), replace the countertop and restructure the island storage to you know, actually store things in a sensical way. In my heart of hearts, I’d love to replace the whole thing with a giant hunk of storage-packed wood, but then there’s reality. Also, I need to remove the microwave from underneath because my kids love watching it spin around, and I’m convinced it’s zapping their brain cells.


In addition to the entryway, this will be the next makeover for 2016. And I already have a really good start. Here’s what I planned to do back in January:

  • Add oversized, tall cedar planters to either side of door (this is done! Thanks Dad!)
  • Add seating (two more seats minimum) – Maybe. Can’t decide if I need a loveseat or two club chairs. 
  • Add outdoor ottoman/drink holder of some kind – Yes! I just haven’t shared it yet.
  • New door mat (DIY?) – Yes, ma’am! Just need to share.
  • Re-mulch and re-plant in the Spring
  • Add larger scale porch lights – Larger scale means deeper pockets, so this will have to wait.
  • (New) Striped the front porch


I had a catch-all category for some of the random things I wanted to accomplish.

  • Clean out 50% of the basement to participate in the neighborhood yard sale
  • Convert all lights to LED bulbs – Kitchen and bedroom done, so we’re 40% there
  • New, more padded rug for living room – I have one picked out, but waiting ’til my kids outgrow the “turn my milk upside down and watch it pour out on the rug” phase to pull the trigger. So, like 2025? 😉
  • Add storage to master bathroom (storing our towels in an old cardboard moving box isn’t really cutting it anymore)
  • Continue to pursue quotes for backyard fence

The backyard fench/concrete pad half-wall planter thingy is an ongoing thing. I’m slow to track down people, slow to hand over the cash… you know, all of those things. We’re not out there a ton because of it this summer, which is kind of a shame, but it’s still on my radar.

It feels like it’s only July, but I’ve learned over the years how fast it all goes. I better get on it! How are you doing on your 2o16 goals?




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