DIY Pumpkin Plant Stand

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I tend to go a little haywire on the mini pumpkins and gourds when Fall rolls around. This year, I’m putting them to good use!

Pumpkin Plant Stand

Be prepared for a super easy project. You will need the following supplies:

  • 13″ round plastic pot with lipped rim (with no drainage holes!)
  • 24″ x 5′ vinyl coated hardware cloth, sometimes called Yard Guard (located in the garden/patio section of home improvement stores)
  • Wire snips
  • 35 mini pumpkins or gourds
  • Flower to place in your 13″ pot

A quick note about the hardware cloth…

Hardware Cloth

My Home Depot had a cheaper option that was not vinyl coated. I started there and quickly came to terms with the fact that contracting tetanus was imminent. I returned it and bought the vinyl coated version. It cost about $12. And I probably don’t need to remind you of Jenny’s story, where tetanus actually happened!

To get started, I unrolled the wire and did a dry fit around the planter to see how much I would have to cut off.

Pumpkin Plant Stand

I made a little mark with pencil to designate what length to cut. I used my wire snips to cut it off. I have very puny wire snips and it was still very easy to cut through. This wire stuff is strong, but thin!

Pumpkin Plant Stand

Next, it was time to fold the wire sheet into a circle to create my hollow “stand.” The wire roll will come with a very long piece of green wire. I used that to tie my ends together.

Pumpkin Plant Stand

Here’s what the back of the hollow planter looked like when I was all finished.

Pumpkin Plant Stand

Next, I placed my hollow stand on the porch, right where I wanted it to go. It will be hard to move once the pumpkins are added! Then, I added my pumpkins and gourds. There really is no science to this part! Just dump ’em right in!

Pumpkin Plant Stand

And finally, added my plastic planter with mum on top. This whole structure is VERY sturdy. The weight of the pumpkins keep it from toppling and the circle shape that’s been created keeps it very balanced. It’s been on my porch for a week and has survived this weekend’s storms.

Pumpkin Plant Stand

Oh! And while I was at it, I managed to get a decent shot of the outdoor front entry space. It’s a weird spot because the door is off center, so the tall planter hanging out back there (a wedding gift… from Crate and Barrel) has helped tremendously to balance the space. I also got a jumbo welcome mat (it’s Target)… I needed something with the right scale for such a wide area! And of course, the house numbers and giant hanging planters¬†are still up and going strong.

Front Door

I’m feeling ready for fall! Hope you enjoyed my pumpkin planter tutorial!

Pumpkin Plant Stand

This project was done as a part of the Pumpkin Parade! Go check out the other lovely ladies who have participated this week! Tomorrow is the link party!

Pumpkin Parade


Yours Truly!

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