De-IKEAing the Bedroom: Part Two [PANYL!!]

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I don’t normally post on Tuesdays, but here I am! I’ll be back tomorrow (and back on my regular schedule).

As I’ve mentioned here and here, I’ve been focusing on de-IKEAing my bedroom. There’s a lot of Swedish goodness happening, so I’ve been hankering for a look that’s a little more me and a little less Swedish super store. I DIY’ed my FILLSTA pendant into copper-y goodness for part one and for part two it’s all about this MALM 6-drawer dresser.

Emily Snuffer

My MALM 6-drawer dresser is at the top of my to-be-hacked list. I love the lines, love the white but it was in desperate need of some DIY. With the help of PANYL, here’s what MALM is looking like these days.

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

So much better thanks to PANYL! Here’s a full download on my experience with the product.

As if by some divine intervention, just as I was contemplating how to update the dresser, PANYL contacted me to talk something completely different. And I was all, “WAIT, HELP ME WITH MY MALM DRESSER.” And they were like, “ABSOLUTELY!”

Emily Snuffer

PANYL is a company devoted to helping people refresh/DIY/hack/re-do their IKEA furniture. Their products (adhesive, high-quality, flexible vinyl panels in just about every color and texture you can think of) are made SPECIFICALLY (right down to the sixteenth inch, I checked) for IKEA pieces.

Let me walk you through the PANYL process.

1.) Head to their web site. Select the piece of IKEA furniture that you want to beautify. I went straight to MALM. There is a great customization tool that shows you exactly what your panels will look like on your MALM. I was having fun with orange here. :)

Emily Snuffer

2.) Order samples in the colors that catch your eye. The samples cost $5 for a 5 pack, but that amount is credited back to your order amount when you purchase. (Which is a plus, it’s a downer when I pay extra for samples).

3.) Order your product. I picked Stone Linen. I’m loving this color lately and it matches many of the tones already in the room.

Emily Snuffer

4.) Wait a few days for it to show up. They’ll show up in tightly packed tubes. (I was worried I’d have to be home to sign for a larger package so I was thankful for the smaller tubes.)

Emily Snuffer

5.) Stop watching your favorite NetFlix series for about 15 minutes to apply. (Seriously, it’s so easy, I was done in a matter of minutes…. MAYBE 15 minutes total).

The application is so easy. The vinyl is very high-quality, so there is no fighting bubbles, re-adjusting to get it to go straight, worrying about stretching, etc. NONE of that. The panels themselves actually feature tiny little slits, making it impossible for air bubbles to form and junk up the smooth surface. I was impressed.

Emily Snuffer

Now my IKEA MALM is looking not so blank. I love the style I chose, Stone Linen. The panels actually look and feel like linen. Awesome.

Emily Snuffer

I’ve got a few more IKEA items in my house I’d like to customize. I’ve been wanting to add shelves in the kitchen (long story) so these got me all excited.

What do you think? Any of you itchin’ to customize your IKEA furniture?

xo, emily

Yep, PANYL gifted the product to me, but these opinions are all mine. Heck, they didn’t even ask that I write this. This excitement is 100% me. 


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  • I love this! It looks like a much higher-end product now and I love the finish you chose. I’ve never heard of panyl before – so cool!

  • Rachel P. says:

    This was definitely worth breaking the no-posting-on-Tuesdays rule for! I’m so checking out panyl for my hideous malm dresser. BTW mine is brown – Emily, what colors would you advise for my darker finish?

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      So many options! It would all depend on the colors of your room. It may also be cool to check out some of the wood grain textures. It may make your brown dresser look like a mid-century lowboy!

  • Chrispin says:

    Looks great! I love it!

  • Gabbi says:

    That is sooo cool! Now I know what that Instagram picture you posted was all about. I love this idea…what a cool way to update IKEA products. Your dresser looks amazing! :)

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      You are too kind Gabbi! I need to get my wide angle out and wide shots of the room – the curtains and MALM are now finally working together.

  • Laura says:

    Very cool! Makes me want to go out and buy a MALM dresser so I can hack it too!

  • Jennifer says:

    Which color malm dresser do you have. I can’t tell if its white or birch veneer. I have a birch veneer and I love the stone linen that you picked for it, I just can’t tell what color your malm is. I hope it’s birch!

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      I have the white dresser! I’m sorry… I know that wasn’t what you were wanting to hear! I would get a couple of samples and see how it looks with your birch finish. I believe the cost of samples is around $5 for a couple. I have a feeling the Stone Linen would still look great!

  • Beatrice says:

    Hi Emily,

    Absolutely love your dresser!!! It looks fantastic. Quick question, did you use Stone linen or Ash linen? There doesn’t seem to be a stone linen on the website. I wonder if it sold out or whether it is ash linen. Thanks so much.

  • […] I was hesitant to say the least (uhm, wasn’t I just in a similar situation? You know, blinded by a good deal?) but I felt super confident it would work. The colors were dead on… the green (with my lime green sofa), the orange (with the bedroom’s stained glass window) and the gray (with my PANYL’d dresser). […]

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