De-IKEAing the Bedroom: Part One

By January 7, 2013Random

DIY Copper Pendant Using an IKEA Light!

A few weeks ago, when sharing bedroom tweaks, I talked about my desire to de-IKEA my bedroom.

Emily Snuffer

My bedroom currently features a MALM 6-drawer dresser, a MALM king-sized bed and a FILLSTA pendant lamp. Not good. It is a way overboard on the Swedish goods. It doesn’t look like me – it looks like IKEA. I didn’t necessarily mean for this to happen, but with all the switching and changing around, these three items (the bed is from Aaron’s house, the dresser is from the office) ended up all in the same room.

So… can we recap my copper obsession? I love copper. I like DIY. I promise this applies to de-IKEA-ing…

I saw this can of metallic copper spray paint at Michael’s and my brain blew up.

Emily Snuffer

I immediately thought of my FILLSTA pendant light. It’s easy to spray paint (it’s just a bunch of plastic flaps that connect together) and a few days later, I had this:

Emily Snuffer

I had hoped to show you photos of the process (it was just a matter of laying out the 16 FILLSTA flaps in my basement and spray painting them) but my phone broke. I’m secretly OK with that because I’m tired and want to go watch a movie instead of upload a million photos.

Anyways, the color of the faux copper is dead on. It doesn’t have the shine like real copper, but I think I’m ok with that.

Emily Snuffer

Emily Snuffer

Yay for copper! It makes it look more eclectic and mixed and that is right up my alley.

Emily Snuffer

Now, I said this was Part One of the de-IKEA process. I’ll share the second part to this story next Monday but it involves this super-blah MALM dresser. It has also received a makeover.

Emily Snuffer

Yay for IKEA hacks. (Here’s the first hack I ever did on the blog, IKEA Hackers)

Yay for copper.

YAY for de-IKEA-ing.

There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here at the house and the changes are happening quicker than posts. There are a ton of office updates (remember that project?) to capture here and I promise it’s all coming soon! Oh yeah… and wedding stuff including a major ding dong fail.

Stay tuned y’all!

xo, emily

p/s: All of my Christmas decorations are now down. It is a bit sad to put it all away. It is officially a new year.  

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