DIY Chalkboard Plexiglass Photo Frame

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I was looking for something on the large side to hang on the walls at Aaron’s house. I didn’t want to spend too much money so my first stop was my basement, the keeper of all retired home decor. I found this rather large photo frame from college.

Emily Snuffer

This was one of those ubiquitous plexiglass photo collage frames you can find at Walmart, Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. I didn’t have any art or poster print to fill the odd-sized frame so I went to the next best thing: chalkboard paint.

I wasn’t sure I could turn flimsy plexiglass into a chalkboard, but lo and behold, it is absolutely possible. Here is what I did.

Emily Snuffer

After de-assembling the frame, I set the plexiglass on top of the cardboard backer, which was also included in the frame. I gave it a very light coat of spray primer – just enough to give it some texture for the chalkboard paint to stick to.

While the plexiglass was drying, I set my sights on the frame. I chose a matte white spray paint for the frame. I would have skipped that part, but the existing gold/silver combo was a little icky. This was a simple spray job and took about 3 coats.

While the frame was drying, it was time to chalkboard paint. Here were my supplies for that:

Emily Snuffer

I used a foam roller (mostly meant for cabinets) to get an ultra-smooth finish necessary for chalkboard walls. I wish I would have used a foam roller for my chalkboard wall, but oh well.

Anyways, I let the chalkboard dry for a few days at Aaron’s House. We were back working on the house this weekend (lots of updates coming soon!) and I had a chance to put it back together.

All new chalkboard surfaces need “conditioning” prior to use (which really just means rubbing the chalk all over the surface before writing) and once that was complete, we were in business!

Emily Snuffer

It was such a simple project. The chalk rests easy enough right on top of the frame. Since this is at Aaron’s House, I’m sure I’ll eventually put something super cheesy like “Welcome to 10 Concord” to greet prospective buyers.

Emily Snuffer

The chalkboard is in the dining room at Aaron’s House. Do you spy the chair rail? Yep, that’s one of those updates I need to write about here. Ohh, we love the changes happening around here!

xo, emily

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