The Big Day: And in that moment…

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Aaron knew I liked to read when we were “in the friend zone” and a few months later, when he could resist me no longer (ha), he started to reveal his feelings very slowly via books he lent me. The last time this happened, he loaned me his copy of Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. (You can read a downloadable PDF of the book here.)

Emily Snuffer

In the book, Aaron included photographs of different areas with shared meaning to us, but most importantly, he highlighted this line for me.

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. 

And I knew exactly what he meant. Without going too much into the actual story itself, that line perfectly described that moment of realization that “we” were real. Freedom over our previous lives, etc. etc. I guess you could say that line from that book sealed our fate.

Anyways, we feel compelled to include this in our wedding day in some way.

Aaron created this little logo the other day and I really like it. We’ll include it on some of our stuff. It’s already on our website.

Emily Snuffer

We also like that there’s a hidden story to us behind that infinity symbol – at the surface an infinity symbol makes total sense on a wedding day. A union that lasts forever sorta thing (duh!). But to us, the infinity symbol represents something else – the story of our beginning. We probably won’t explain it much beyond this blog post, so consider yourselves “in the know.”


xo, emily

p/s: On a lighter note, A Practical Wedding and A Printable Press just released this amazing (and free) printable modern banner. I’ve already downloaded mine!

p/p/s: If I seem a bit somber, it’s because I was up until 1 am painting that dang office! One more coat to go! It’s looking quite faboosh if I do say so myself.


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