Gently used.

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When I shared the bedroom photos a few weeks ago, I mentioned I still had a corner to share. In particular, the space to the right of the fireplace.

Emily Snuffer

Convenient crop job on the unfinished corner!

See that piece of birch on top of the cabinet on the right-hand side? Well that is actually a recent find at IKEA…

Emily Snuffer

Pardon the hunchback. I felt super creepy.

I spotted this mirror (MOLGER) in the as-is section at the Ohio IKEA. Any one else stalk the as-is section like a crazy person? I get lucky on the weekdays but since it’s almost impossible to get there during the week (it’s about 30 minutes away from Covington), I get extra pumped to find something on a busy Saturday. At full price it’s $30, so the $22 isn’t a huge savings a la my kitchen rug, but it was enough to come home with me. And this one was actually a display, so no dings or dents to feel bummed about.

Here’s the MOLGER in action in its bedroom corner.

Emily Snuffer

I love that it’s birch (to match the birch accents throughout the room, like my smile print) and that is has a deep shelf to hold my little knick knacks. The bunny up there currently is a gift from Aaron. My Mom calls me Emily Bun Bun (ack) so I tend to be attracted to its ceramic siblings.

A quick nod to Tanya’s (of Dans le Townhouse) genius, felted billy button tutorial. I used her steps to make the yellow, felted balls you see above.

Now, before you say, “Emily, the mirror is hung too high!” I know, guys. I KNOW. But I had to. Here’s why:

Emily Snuffer


The MOLGER needed to be hung high to work with its sister frame next door. Otherwise, it would have looked all wack-a-doo and misplaced. Everything is looking all coordinated if I do say so myself. :)

And to go with the whole gently used theme here, I also have a new-to-me TV. I have been searching high and low for a small white TV for this room for under $200. Why are white TVs so hard to find? I came across a 19″ refurbished TV on eBay for $136. I didn’t think that was too bad.

I have one more thing to complete in this room and then I am done-zo.

xo, emily

p/s: I just wanted to give a huge, HUGE thank you for your support in my Apartment Therapy contest. I checked votes today and I am in the 500’s. That is insane. I want to do a larger post about it this week, but I did want to acknowledge how appreciative and happy I am to have made it this far. 


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  • I love the new mirror and your Billy Buttons look awesome!! Can I feature them?!? Please say yes! And if you say yes, do you mind emailing the two photos to me ( because I think my blog is set wider than yours and if I save from your site and upload, they will blur.

    I already love this bedroom of yours (I voted for you over at AT) and the new mirror is perfect. I love the asymmetrical symmetry happening on either side of you gorgeous fireplace.

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      Hi Tanya!! Of course you can! That is an honor! I’ll email you at lunch. Woo hoo! And thanks for liking the layout. I hate hanging things too high but in this case, it was a must. I think it works!

  • I really love how your room is coming along! You’ve made me not afraid of having white walls. And this is quite important since I’ll be moving into a rental sometime soon and the walls will most likely be white.

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      You can totally rock the white walls thing! Plus, when you have white walls, think of all the fun you can have with bright decor and other accessories.

  • Gabbi says:

    I think the mirror looks *perfect* where you hung it! That wall looks perfectly coordinated! {I loveeee that fireplace.}

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