Birthday list.

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Emily Snuffer

These are the things I’ve been hoping for when April 18 comes around…

1//Patrick Townsend String 10 in White

2//Rachel Nasvik Phoebe in Brown (pssst… 10% off with “Spring12” code!)

3//Anthropologie Field of Vision Skirt

4//Black & Decker Multi Sander with Smart Select

5//Target Maize Woven Storage Basket

6//Eames Hang-It-All by Herman Miller

7//Target Sheepskin Pelt in Ivory

8//Home Depot gift card

A girl can dream can’t she!!?! And of course these are in order of biggest freak out to smallest freak out in terms of level of birthday joy, with 1 being “OMG TAKE MY FIRSTBORN CHILD” and 8 being “You can totally come to my bday party.”

Random, funny story (saying “child” above reminded me of it) about my high school days. My friends and I were in my car “cruising” as one does in Shelbyville, Indiana at sixteen years old and my friend dared me to yell “I want to have your baby!” at a group of cute guys. I got nervous and yelled “I want your baby!!!!” Awkward giggling ensued. They still bring it up.

Anyhoo, time to sign off and do work people actually pay me to do. I’m going to go daydream about that string light hung ever so casually in the corner of the living room. Dan from Manhattan Nest has one in his kitchen and I click over to look at that photo daily. What are the things you guys are lusting for?

– emily



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  • Gabbi says:

    Ohhhh, I am loving those lights! Fingers crossed for you that you get them! :) And I must admit…you have me thinking, maybe I should create my own birthday wish list hehe!

  • stef says:

    The light is such an awesome price for the impact – well worth the cost. I saw Daniel’s too. Totally gorgeous in the kitchen, which is expected coming from him.

    LOVE the bag and basket too. Great picks!

    I had a tiny splurge moment on the Kate Spade website earlier this week. They have some rockin’ sales right now, plus 15% off, so it was a well-restrained splurge after a loooong lusting period.

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      I agree about the price of the light, Stef! Ooo, what did you get from Kate Spade? I love your “well-restrained splurge after long lusting period.” That perfectly describes how I do things, too. I have been needing a bag for 6 months now (the one I’m carrying has a huge split in the lining which requires me to go fishing for keys on a daily basis) but I just can’t press “purchase” on the Phoebe bag without feeling the pains of that price. This cycle will probably continue until the bag is no longer available. Boo!! Have a great weekend!

      • stef says:

        I got the hedgehog coin purse I’ve been looking at for ages and a (realtively) cheap, much need tote for work. I’ve never considered Kate Spade before this past season but everything is so cute lately. The sales are seriously amazing, maybe you could find something?

        If there were ever an occasion to splurge on the Phoebe bag, a birthday is it! Also, I’m a shopping enabler :)

        • emily @ go haus go says:

          The hedgehog coin purse is too cute. I am the same way with Kate Spade. A few years ago I wouldn’t have given a second look (I equated it with those icky vinyl black backpacks from the 90’s) but now they are fabulous and it’s easy to get good deals. Plus I love that they don’t plaster their logo all over everything.

  • Aaron May says:

    thank you. this helps.

  • Awesome list! I like how you organized them by excitement level. Hope you get at least a few of them.

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