Do-swap that thang.

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As most of you know I’ve been working on getting my living room ready for the final step – swapping in the furniture and finally FINALLY making it a living room after talking about it for way too many months. There were several mini projects, like painting the living room white (from black!), installing new lighting, refinishing a Lane dresser and making over the front door, to get it ready for the swap.

I’ve been nervous about the furniture working in the space. The KARLSTAD sofa is long and boxy and the green tufted sofa is curvy and short. Plus, this room is teeny tiny and none of the remaining walls are appropriate to place furniture up against. Challenges all around.

Here’s the room before:

Emily Snuffer

And here are some of the furniture layouts I tried over the weekend:

Emily Snuffer

The L-shaped layout looks good in the photo but in reality, it was way cramped with only a 5″ walkway between the two pieces of furniture to get to the kitchen. I also will need a rug…

Emily Snuffer

Here are the two sofas facing each other. Did you notice KARL is sporting a new cover? The last cover was great for awhile (the one I made gray using RIT dye) but I left it under my large front window for too long because the poor thing was sun-bleached to heck and back. It was gross and had to go. The cover I’m using now is the KORNDAL in dark brown, which I got from a lovely Craigslister for 30 bucks.

Emily Snuffer

This picture is attempting to show the mis-matchiness of the two sofas, and not in a good way. I would love to have two matching orange arm chairs where the lime green sofa currently resides to give it some balance and symmetry. Also, the lime green has to go. I always knew I needed to get the tufted sofa re-upholstered but now that mint green is in da house, the lime looks extra terrible.

The old living room looks so somber and empty…

Emily Snuffer

The future bedroom

Ok, but on a happy note, I’m considering the living room switch an early success. Sure I’m not done, but I’m sitting in my new living room, with the TV and cable all set up. Even Aaron likes the new layout. I am one happy lady. Now comes the decorating fun stuff like finding chairs, a rug, accessories and getting stuff up on the walls.

– emily

p/s: Why yes, that is a Lauryn Hill song I’m referencing in the title.


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  • I feel like arranging furniture is always the toughest part for me. I usually end up trying out a few different floor plans before I find the one I love. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

    • emily @ go haus go says:

      There’s one more layout to try (just thought of it last night) so we’ll see! I’m anxious to get to the fun part.

  • I love that you have ROOM to even rearrange. My living is smaller and there’s only one way to put stuff: the way it’s been put. So jealous.

    I voted for you in AT’s The Homies. Woot. We can vote for as many blogs as possible, so I went a little voting nutty. How crazy cool is it to be nominated? I was a little blown away to see my little blog up there . . .


    • emily @ go haus go says:

      Whaa! Thank you so much! I will return the favor! I have sort of been avoiding The Homies page because I know the big blogs will dominate! We’re still baby blogs though, we have much to grow!

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