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Merry Christmas (again).

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Emily Snuffer


I know I said in this post that it would be my last post for the year. However, I just couldn’t let this year go by without thanking each and every one of you who stop by and check out what’s going on here. I am beyond, BEYOND grateful for you.

I’m approaching my tenth month of blogging and while I realize I am still a newbie blogger with many things still to learn, I absolutely love it.  It’s been an enormous creative and writing outlet for me. I’ll even go as far to say it’s been therapeutic. My goal is to keep it entertaining and interesting for you as I follow along.

I’ll keep it short as I am in the throws of Christmas day, but again, thank you so much.

I love you guys!!!!

Merry Christmas.

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Wishing everyone a merry, merry Christmas. I’m spending the holidays with the people that mean most to me. This will be my last post before the new year and I will miss the blog so much! I’ll be busy traveling and doing the family thing. I’ll be back in the new year with exciting new things, like a newly-painted living room. Wahoo!

Before I go, here’s a funny video. Aaron works at Northlich (where I worked for several years post-college and where Aaron and I worked together for about a year) and this is their Christmas card.

I spy my little Biggie and yes, Aaron is shirtless. Lol!

THE NORTHLICH DICKEY from Aaron May on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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Have you ever heard of the blog, Badder Homes & Gardens? I absolutely love it. I laugh my butt off frequently reading their posts. It’s a “site for cynical bitches who want their homes to look pretty.” It can be NSFW sometimes but it’s incredibly hilarious. If I have any complaint about the blogging world, it’s that sometimes people (including myself!) take decorating too seriously. This site is the exact opposite. It brings me back down to earth often.

A few weeks ago I read this post. And because of that post, I purchased this:

Emily Snuffer

Smile - Gold by Hayley & Lucas for Keep Calm Gallery

I had a little bit leftover in my Christmas shopping budget and it will be perfect for above the mantel. Merry Christmas to me.

– emily

P/S: I just found out my RIBBA frame gift idea is on IKEA Hackers. Check out the tutorial on IKEA Hackers here.

I’m a Giant: The recap!

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I’m still basking in the glow of dollhouse completion (all the details / dollhouse tour here) but I did want to come back and share my approach for getting it done, a recap of dollars spent, plus what I learned and mistakes I made.

Emily Snuffer

So, how did I get it done?

I think what helped was that I held myself to posting about the dollhouse every Friday for over two months. I knew each week I would need to make a lot of progress on the rooms so I would have a decent post that Friday. That was the key. I would have slacked if it weren’t for that. I did miss two weeks in a row. I was done with the “construction phase” of the house (painting walls, staining roof, etc.) and I was absolutely dreading purchasing furniture. I spent those two weeks on eBay and in thrift stores but nothing really turned up. My savior was donated furniture by friends. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Emily Snuffer

Here was my list for the last week prior to the deadline. I’m such a planner and a list-maker. This list was crazy (I was up until 2 am every night) but it’s what I had to do to finish and get the photos up on time. It was totally worth it now that it’s off my plate and I can enjoy the holidays.

How much did I spend?

I’ve been dreading to add it all up, but knew it had to be done. Overall, I spent about $400 over the period of 2.5 months. It breaks down like this:

$20 – Dollhouse

$110 – Trim and Miter Shears

$35 – Modern credenza from Etsy (the only “real” miniature modern piece I purchased)

$18 – Refrigerator

$8 – Stove top and sink

$12 – CB2 Christmas ornaments (the red wire chairs and the white igloo chair)

$18 – The patterned rugs (from a thrift store)

$140 – Multiple runs to craft stores (craft wood, foam core, fabric remnants, ornaments, scrapbooking paper, dollhouse accessories)

$22 – Spray paint

$6 – Mini plants

TOTAL = $383

I’m not terribly disgusted about the price. I think I made the money go far. And since it was stretched out over 2.5 months, the $400 price tag was not a tough pill to swallow. I’d be near the $800’s if I had to buy my own furniture as well. I really lucked out.

What did I learn?

That dollhouse-ing is serious business. I uncovered an entire sub-cultere of dollhousers. There are websites dedicated to selling mini construction pieces like trim board, crown molding and chair rails. It’s crazy. Cincinnati has a dollhouse-ing support group. I swear. I considered going when I was knee deep in wood glue and wanting to rip my hair out. It truly is a craft and it takes patience to fiddle with teeny tiny pieces of wood. I have no where near the talent true dollhousers out there have. I’m so impressed by them. This one is my favorite so far.

Emily Snuffer

My attempt at building the couch was feeble but a “real dollhouser” would knock it out of this world.

Did I make any mistakes?

Yes, absolutely. At first, I was more focused on getting it done versus doing it in a way that I liked. I have the “implementor” personality and sometimes it’s a curse. Once I went back through (like in the kitchen and kid’s room) and fixed what I had initially done and posted about, I liked it much better. For example, the kitchen has an ill-fitting countertop and I had used scrap black board. It just looked crappy. I went back and put in a new countertop, a stove and a sink. It looked much better than my first go-round. I had to keep reminding myself to take my time.


Emily Snuffer

What did I like?

My favorite part of the process hands down was finding real-size objects that just happen to work in a dollhouse. For example, Christmas ornaments. I used a $5 bucket of ornaments from Target throughout the house – the arc lamp, the pendant lamps in the kitchen and even a silver bowl in the master bedroom. It was weirdly satisfying making things work in the mini world.

Emily Snuffer

I also enjoyed taking some of the old-fashioned / granny furniture and adding paint or fabric to make them more updated. It is sort of cool to know that a lot of these things have been in boxes for a long time and now they’ve been freshened up and on the interwebs. Awwww.

What did I dislike?

I hated spending the money week after week at craft stores, for paint or for other little knick knacks. It was tough but I had to do it. I actually wanted to do it, but it was painful to see the money leave my bank account. I think a lot of that had to do with Christmas being just right around the corner and knowing gift-buying was also a necessity. It all ended up perfectly though and yes, everyone is getting Christmas gifts this year. :)

What am I going to do with the dollhouse?

I think it’s going to go on top of a dresser in the bedroom after the holidays. Right now it’s set up in the Black Room but it’s sort of in the way and Suge already got hold of one of the plants. All I know is that it’s going to be hard to dust the thing. I’ll figure it out. :)

Any last words?

The dollhouse thing is probably the coolest thing I’ve done in a long time. I absolutely loved it. I have been totally blown away by the positive response it’s received. I thank you for that!

– emily

p/s: See all my dollhouse posts here.

p/p/s: Notice how I basically gave myself an interview? Nerd alert! On a related note, I’m watching Geek Love on TLC as I’m writing this post. Iron Man is such a cutie!


I’m a Giant: The Dollhouse is Complete!

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The dollhouse is complete! Wahoo!

I first started on the dollhouse in early October as a part of the I’m a Giant Challenge. The dollhouse is a handmade beast of an item, with four rooms on the first floor (living room, dining room, entry way and kitchen) and three rooms (master bedroom, kid’s bedroom and bathroom) on the second floor.

The day I brought home the dollhouse, the outside looked like this:

Emily Snuffer

And now, it looks like this:

Emily Snuffer

I stained the roof twice to get the color super dark. The color scheme is gray (Martha Stewart Bedford Gray), white and red (Martha Stewart Ladybug). My trick to getting the outside done was to spray paint the trim white and then come in and frame out the gray. It was just easier.

Emily Snuffer

I love the little flowers in the flower boxes. They were another donated item by Mr. Awesomesauce, Benjamin Rogers.

And, if you recall, the inside looked like this:

Emily Snuffer

But now, it’s looking much different:

Emily SnufferEmily Snuffer

Let’s go through the dollhouse room by room.

The Entryway

Emily Snuffer

This is the first room you see upon entering the house. I painted the stairs to have a white kick step and a dark brown step. The rug and the chair are both from thrift stores. The lamp above actually works – it’s one of those faux tealights with the light switch. It was just a matter of applying some sort of shade (craft wood), white paint and thin wiring to attach it to the ceiling.

For more on the entryway, go here.

The Dining Room

Emily Snuffer

This is by far the boldest room in the house.  I did have the wallpaper covering the entire wall but it was crazy so I cut it at a third and did a wainscoting-type treatment in white. This is the first room where I dabbled in doorway trim and after loving the “finished” look it brought I added it in other areas of the house.

Emily Snuffer

Here’s the view from the dining room looking into the entry way. You’ll see the dark wood tones throughout due to the older furniture. I think I did a decent job of balancing out the wood tones with bright whites and color.

For more on the dining room, go here. 

The Living Room

Emily Snuffer

This is a room I haven’t posted yet. I just finished it a few days ago. I first started with the striped wallpaper and went from there. The sofa I made myself. In pictures it’s OK, but it is sort of a hot mess in person. Not too bad for my first try. And if you’re wondering, the “QC” framed on the wall stands for “Queen City” – a nickname given to Cincinnati.

Emily Snuffer

The little table is one of my favorite pieces because I dipped the legs in white paint. I’ve always waited to have “dipped” furniture and now I do. Before it was so granny, but with just a little dip, the paint modernized it in a big way.

Emily Snuffer

The lowboy credenza was the only real piece of mini furniture I purchased. The talented Logan from One Forty Three made it. It never felt right to stock up on random (and expensive) dollhouse furniture but furniture made by a fellow blogger and dollhouser is an endeavor I certainly can support.

The Kitchen

Emily Snuffer

The kitchen received several updates this week, namely a better countertop and new appliances.

Emily Snuffer

The coolest addition (in my opinion) has been the sunken sink and the countertop stove. I also dipped one of my gold pitchers in white for a fun look. And oh look, my toast is ready for breakfast.

Emily Snuffer

Another look at the right-hand side of the kitchen. I added another thrift store rug, a “stainless steel” refrigerator and one of my red wired CB2 chairs. It was a happy accident that the red in the kitchen is jiving so well with the dining room.

For more on the kitchen, go here.

The Master Bedroom

Emily Snuffer

Now we’ve headed on upstairs. The master bedroom takes on a slightly more rustic look than the other rooms, like the hemp rope headband. The clean, crisp and tucked bedding here is awesome. Now if only Aaron could learn how to make a bed…

Emily Snuffer

For more on the master bedroom, go here.

The Bathroom

Emily Snuffer

For the bathroom I went to my go-to, high contrast look to dramatize the space a little bit. I love the combinations of brass, white and black.

Emily Snuffer

The mirror is a mini knock-off of a Restoration Hardware mirror. I’ve started to love more rounded mirror shapes above a boxy vanity. Plus, round mirrors just seem more elegant and put together.

For more on the bathroom, go here.

The Kid’s Room

Emily Snuffer

This is Olivia’s room. When I lasted posted about the room I was feeling uninspired so I updated the bedding, added a colorful, patterned rug and did some general rearranging. I had this awesome, mini canoe so of course I mounted it on the ceiling.

Emily Snuffer

For more on Olivia’s room, go here.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, “That’s all folks!” The very completed dollhouse. In case you’re seeking additional details on any of the rooms, here’s a helpful index of their original posts:


Dining Room

Living Room (only in this post)


Master Bedroom


Olivia’s Room

All additional photos can be found via Flickr here

So, I’m dying to know. Which is your favorite room? Least favorite? Things that caught your eye? And most importantly, can you believe I’m done with the dollhouse!?

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post on dollars spent and things I learned/mistakes I made along the way in this grand, dollhousing adventure.

– emily


Guess what.

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Guess what! The dollhouse is finished. Yep, completely done. A whole day early.

I’ve been busting my ass to get it done and I’m incredibly proud of myself that I pulled it off. I think the kitchen is my favorite. I made some upgrades last night and it looks way better than it did.

Now, here’s what to expect in terms of the dollhouse deadline and my posting schedule:

Tomorrow I’ll have the entire dollhouse tour for you.

Please pray that the sun comes out here so I can take decent pictures.

Friday I will have a breakdown of costs, etc. I’ll also do a little summary of what I learned, mistakes I made, etc. It will be fun to recap it all.

And then I’ll be done.

And then I’ll wonder what the heck am I gonna do with this dollhouse in my house.

I am so stressed.

Sorry to be random, but I am.

Work is an absolute bear and I’m cramming too much work in. It’s hard to work when I’m so burnt out. That’s what I get for not taking any vacation this year. Luckily I am off for two weeks starting Tuesday.

Between now and Friday morning I have two work Christmas parties (one if for Aaron), one of which is almost all day. I have no idea how I am going to get these pictures taken, posts written, and work completed but I must do it, all in the next 48 hours. Oh, and I still need to make a gift for my work’s Christmas exchange.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been going to bed at 2:30 am every night.

Aaron’s been in charge of the dogs night after night because I’ve been dollhousing. I know he is needing a break, too.


Typical before-the-holidays madness, plus a dollhouse.

– emily

p/s: It’s always important to end on a positive so here’s one: I absolutely love the dollhouse. Sometimes I just stare at it. Is that weird? 


A holiday haus tour.

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Today I’m sharing how my house/haus is looking for the holidays. I tend to embrace more of the traditional style for the holidays, trying to mix in a little bit of my eclectic style where appropriate. (It’s hard to talk about “styles” without sounding fussy, so to be clear, I just want it to look festive and fun for Christmas. No biggie.) Oh, and I wanted to get a couple of wider interior shots before it all changes for the big floor plan switch. Here we go…

Emily Snuffer

Here’s a look into the living room, which will become the bedroom in the new year. The logs in the fireplace project ended up being the perfect addition to the decor for winter. I also have super traditional stockings. You can’t see the front of mine (when it’s front facing it has the opposite orientation as the others so I flipped it around) but mine is a Winnie the Pooh stocking, specifically him and Piglet on a sleigh. I’ve had it since 5th grade or so, I think. I used to love me some Winnie the Pooh.

Emily Snuffer

Here’s a closer look at the mantle. I have some faux evergreen garland, paired with white LED lights. I keep these on 24/7. I love the warmth they bring. And of course I kept my ceramic hand (from High Street Cincinnati) and the white ceramic vase (from Michael’s). The gold sparkly sticks – which appear in almost every room for the holidays – are from Home Goods.

Emily Snuffer

Here’s the view standing by the kitchen entry looking into the Black Room (to-be-living room) and the current living room. Notice my tree is also very traditional. I love the green branches and the white lights. The ornaments are a mix of store-bought plastic ornaments in gold and red, with more personal ornaments I’ve started to collect just over the last few years. Can you spot my Marilyn Monroe ornament? She’s wearing a pink dress. Also, I’m hoping I won’t miss my black walls (although the chalkboard wall is staying) because I am loving them in this photo.

Emily Snuffer

Aaron did a great projector-assisted drawing for the chalkboard wall. Can you read what it says? Everything on this little dresser is from this place in Florence, Kentucky called The Christmas Tree Shoppe. It’s the oddest little store opened year round (and filled with non-holiday items) and best of all, they have great prices on Christmas decor. The dresser is my 1950’s Lane dresser, which was in my aunt’s barn (!), and I’ve been hemming and hawing on what to do with the finish, if anything. I think I like it as-is, even if the top is a little beat up. You can see the top in the photo below.

Emily Snuffer

The Santa was the typical, colorful resin Santa you’d find anywhere, so Aaron spray painted him a matte white to make him pop against the wall and “modern him up” a little. I love him!

Emily Snuffer

In the kitchen I’ve done just a few things to the kitchen table (which was until just recently in the Black Room). I added a red placemat from Garden Ridge, and a red tealight holder to the top of the stack of books. And of course, my glittery gold sticks stayed in the vase (from Michael’s).

Emily Snuffer

I love how the tealight makes the red glass jar sparkle. It’s too fun. It was also from The Christmas Tree Shoppe, for like $2. It had some weird, dangly charms going down the side that I just cut off with tin snips.

Emily Snuffer

On the outside of my home, I’ve done very little, but I do have a real wreath adorning my front door. I picked it up at the Christmas tree farm outing and have since doused it in glitter (just sprayed it with spray adhesive and dumped a whole jar of Martha Stewart craft glitter on it) to make it sparkle. The pinecones are cinnamon-scented and smell absolutely heavenly as I enter and exit my house every day. The pinecones are attached with green gardening twine I use to hold up my flower bushes.

Emily Snuffer

Some fun detail shots – the front door wreath, the Christmas tree and the logs in the fireplace.

Emily Snuffer

One of the things on my to do list this season was to get a shot of Aaron and I with the dogs. The above is about as close as we got. Oh boy, you should see some of the outtakes. Haha.

Emily Snuffer

I’m ending with my favorite picture from the tour. There’s Suge being his typical watch dog self.

Happy holidays from Aaron, myself and our furry gang. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

– emily

p/s: What’s your favorite holiday candle scent? I’ve struck out so far. Let me know!

Sponsored Post: Slim-Fast shakes taste amazing.

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Slim-Fast. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello friends!

I’m back today with a sponsored post with my friends at Slim-Fast. My friends and I are currently in the throws of a “10 by Christmas” challenge, meaning losing 10 pounds by Christmas. With Christmas only 2 weeks away, I’m super focused on meeting the challenge goal. (Psst: Did you know one out of four people’s weight loss goals have to do with an upcoming event or holiday? Go figure…)

That’s where Slim-Fast comes in. Slim-Fast has been around a long time and it was a little painful I must admit to get used to the taste of their shakes. That was then. Now, they have changed the formula and these things taste amazing. I’m stoked about the improved taste and they’re not forcing me to say that. Milk Chocolate is my favorite flavor – it’s rich and creamy. And, they’re more compact and plastic which means I can throw them in my purse or work bag. 

Slim-Fast sponsored post

I’ve also noticed the nutritional content. I am typically wary of shakes because of the carbs/sugar that’s added but these are super low on carbs, but high on fiber (5g!) and protein (10g!) that’ll give you a full four hours of hunger control. I’m also terrible at keeping up on my vitamins but Slim-Fast does it for me with 24 vitamins and minerals included in the bottle.

Other flavors are: French Vanilla (it’s good!), Rich Chocolate Royale, Cappuccino Delight and Strawberries N’ Cream.

You also may have noticed the “Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan” messaging on the bottles. Let me tell you a little about the new plan. These shakes are a part of the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan – a plan designed to give you quick results if done right, yet still remain flexible with your schedule.

Here’s how it works:

3: This stands for three snacks. Three nourishing snacks a day (like the Slim-Fast 100-calorie snack bars), fruits, nuts or veggies.

2: This stands for two Slim-Fast shakes or Meal Bars per day. These things provide the balanced nutrition of a meal without all the calories and provide four hours of hunger control

1: This stands for one balanced, 500-calorie meal per day. As a rule, they say to fill your plate with half veggies, a quarter with protein and a quarter with whole grains

Now, as far as where to find these new Slim-Fast shakes, they are available in the pharmacy sections of grocers and retailers nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway and Kroger. There’s also the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 store on Facebook

Before I go, make sure to hope on over to Slim-Fast on Facebook and “like” Slim-Fast. They have a great $10,000 contest going on right now.

– emily

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I’m a Giant: The dining room.

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I’m less than a week away from the dollhouse challenge deadline – December 15th. I’m not sweating too hard yet, but I know I have a couple of late nights between now and the deadline. I love dollhouse-ing but as we’re inching closer to Christmas I’ve been antsy to put down the glue gun and pick up on Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts.

Anyhoo, I have the dining room for you today. It actually got a “wow” from Aaron last night so I’m excited to share with you.

The last time I showed you any dining room progress, it looked like this:

Emily Snuffer

Wow, how horribly disgusting is that? I can’t believe I even put that on the interwebs.  Thankfully, the dining room is looking much better now…

Emily Snuffer

I removed most of the wallpaper and left only the top third – the wallpaper was too crazy all over the walls plus this treatment (basically a board and batten without the batten) is more “mature” and makes things look more appropriate for a dining room and less like it was meant for a teenager’s room.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Aaron’s aunt, Rachel, and Benjamin Rogers for donating this furniture. I’ve said this about a billion times but this stuff is crazy expensive to buy outright. The little benches (one was a sofa table and I shortened its legs), the side cabinet, the gold pitcher, wooden bottle and little red chair in the corner are from Rachel. The dining room table, red chairs, and the little heads on the side cabinet are from Ben. I really cannot thank the two of you enough. It’s helped me tremendously.

Emily Snuffer

For the dining room ” set” I love the idea of having mismatched furniture but everything in its original form was a little too all over the place. I sprayed the benches white, as well as the top of the dining room table. I kept the bottom of the table brown to jive with the legs on the red chairs. I think the benches are my favorite here. I’ve always wanted to do that in my real home, plus the low bench in front stays out of my visual way when I’m taking photos of the room.

Emily Snuffer

The little marble charger on the table and the little ceramic bowl are actually beads from Jo-Ann’s. The rug is a fat quarter swatch of fabric, also from Jo-Ann’s. The pendant overhead is a Christmas ornament from Jo-Ann’s. Yes, I went on a mini spree at Jo-Ann’s.

Emily Snuffer

Here’s the view into the entryway.

Emily Snuffer

I must mention the trim. I’m learning that trim is the key to dollhouse nirvana. And of course, it’s a total pain in the booty. Soooo tedious, but I do it because it really does make things look better. I have to use miter shears to cut out the frames for the windows and doorways – it’s crazy.  It will be the most expensive and time-intensive thing I do for the house, but I think it’ll be worth it. Oh and I still need to caulk the joints.

Before I go, I wanted to share a little sneak peek of the living room. It’s the last room to be completed. It’s not in a good enough place to show in all its glory but I do have a general idea of what I want to do in there.

Emily Snuffer

I’ll be back next week with the final reveal – basically a dollhouse house tour. I’ll also be doing a breakdown of what I spent and how much my bank account cried through this project. I’m excited for the tour because I’ve been tweaking the rooms as I’ve gone along and haven’t been sharing those tweaks with you. I am not excited to add up my expenses but oh well.

– emily

p/s: Please go and look at Benjamin Rogers’ art. It is fantastic. His site here.


Lovely package exchange.

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Spoiler Alert: If you are the lovely blogger of Splendorfalls, please do not read any further. Spoiler Alert!

I’m participating in the Lovely Package Exchange, set up by the fabulous blog – Oh, Hello Friend: You are Loved.

The rules of the package exchange are simple – you enter your name, your 5 favorite things and 5 words to describe your style. Then, you’re matched up with another blogger. Super fun! Here’s what I sent along for myself:

Name: Emily
Website: (blog/shop)
Email Address: emilysnufferatgmaildotcom
Location: Covington, KY
List 5 favorite things: linen aprons, gnomes, paper goods, natural wood ornaments, maps
List 5 words to describe you or your style: Eclectic, Comfy, Natural, White, Homemade
Anything else you’d like to mention: This is my first time doing this. So excited!

I was matched up with the lovely Mary Claire – who is behind the blog, Splendorfalls. If you have time, check out her beautiful quilts available at her Etsy shop. Absolutely amazing! I’m incredibly jealous of her sewing skills as I have none!

My packaged arrived this weekend – I love the wrapping.

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

The package had a lot of great goodies – a vintage apron, a wooden ornament and a little wallet (with contrasting inside fabric – a Paris map!). She also included some fun little St. Louis details like a vintage postcard and the soap, which is made in St. Louis. She did such a good job! The apron may be my favorite as I’ve been looking for one for awhile. Thank you so much, Mary Claire!

Mary Claire also had to send me her information. Here’s what she wrote up for the exchange:

Name: Mary Claire
Email Address: splendorfallssews(at)yahoo(dot)com
Location: Maryville, IL near St. Louis
List 5 favorite things: vintage dishes, paper goods, handmade anything, fabric, funky/cool earrings
5 words to describe you or your style: classic, simple, funky, happy, sarcastic

Here is what I’m wrapping up to send over her way.

Emily Snuffer

1.) I spied the Rifle Paper Co. Garden Calendar print on one of her pinterest boards. I had to get it!

2.) Some glittery twigs to dress up a vase for the holidays – I love these things and I hope she does too!

3.) A vintage milk glass vase I purchased at an estate sale

4.) The whole package will be wrapped in yellow pom poms (everything is better with pom poms)

5.) And finally, a little introduction to Cincinnati chili. I also included a little recipe to make Cincinnati chili dip. Yum! (Hopefully she’s not vegetarian… ack.)

Emily Snuffer

Hope you enjoy it MC! And hopefully you don’t read this before your package arrives!!

Anyone else participating in gift exchanges? I love them but stress over finding good gifts. I have one more to do (work party) before Christmas is here. What are your go-to gifts?

– emily