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Sharon Montrose is a photographer. An awesome photographer. One of my favorite photographers. Known for her animal photography. It’s odd the relationship I’ve had with her work over the years. I keep running into work she’s done and it makes my day every time it discover it. In an effort to not sound like a total creep, let me explain…

I first became aware of Sharon Montrose’s photographs when I worked on the Procter & Gamble Pet Care business 4-5 years ago. I looked at her photos (which appeared on IAMs and Eukanuba packaging) all day long working on ads, etc. The little Frenchie below was on some of the breed-specific Eukanuba bags (they’ve since changed package design) and I had this exact photo hanging up in my cubicle at my old job.

Emily Snuffer

And then, because I own dogs, I’ve been gifted dog books over the years. I was curious the other day if any of them were Sharon Montrose, and yep, sure enough I own one of her picture books on chihuahuas (natch). Here’s Biggie reading “Carry Ons,” an older book of SM’s.

Emily Snuffer

And then, just the other day, Aaron’s mom gave me a book recommendation – “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron – and sure enough, a Sharon Montrose photo is on the cover. (Note: I wasn’t sure it was at first, but I recognized the style and then found it in the SM portfolio.)

Emily Snuffer

It’s just strange how much this person’s work keeps popping up. I did some additional research a few months ago and discovered SM had launched a collection called The Animal Print Shop, which includes some of the cutest/modern/soothing/minimalistic animal photography I’ve ever seen. Here are some of my favorites:

Emily SnufferEmily SnufferEmily Snuffer

When I had a baby shower coming up, I knew exactly what to buy for the sweet baby girl’s room – Baby Deer. At the smallest size they’re incredibly affordable prints, especially paired with the Ikea RIBBA frame. It frames so well…

Emily Snuffer

What are your thoughts? Did I turn you into a new fan? Have you been a fan for years?

I plan to continue my support of Sharon Montrose. The Animal Print Shop prints will be perpetual line items on my birthday and Christmas lists. One of my bucket list items is having Suge and Biggie photographed by her.

One more thing I feel compelled to plug – in November, she releases Menagerie, a focus on the Animal Print Shop work. Yes, I plan to pre-order, once the No Spend September ban has been lifted. :) You can pre-order here – it’s only 12 bucks!

Emily Snuffer

Important: I was not paid for featuring Sharon Montrose in this post. I just really dig the work (as well as  baby animals) and wanted to share the love. Also, there’s a chance some of you have a baby shower coming up and don’t want to buy diapers. 

– emily


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  • Katie says:

    I love it! I just love pictures of Dogs it makes me so happy. Especially how you always include your pets into your blog. I don’t know how you get them to pose so well.

    • emily says:

      Thanks Katie. And the answer is a lot of treats. For the book shot I put a little snack in between the pages and then snapped the shot as he was grabbing it. Tricky tricky.

  • Lyndsey says:

    That is surely a photo of my future Frenchie, I can just feel it!

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