Extra! Extra! A newsprint manicure.

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I laid down the paint brush for one second this weekend (more on that later) to focus on my nails. As some of you may know, I like to experiment with beauty care and share all of the details here on the blog. Remember the time I was on a mission to save money getting ready for a friend’s wedding and saved $400+? This time around I had been feeling antsy about my nails when I stumbled across this tutorial from A Pretty Penny. A newsprint manicure! What a novel idea.

The picture is a little fuzzy but it’s cute right? I wanted to try mine on a brighter polish color. My skin is so pasty that nude colors, even though I love the idea, look very Twilight vampire on me. So, here is my version. Starting with my supplies…

Emily Snuffer

You’ll need:

  • 12 strips of newspaper (no, I do not have 12 fingers, the extra is in case you mess up)
  • Base coat (I use OPI’s Ridge Filler because I have irregular nails)
  • Base color (I used the ‘ole favorite, Essie’s Mint Candy Apple)
  • Top coat (not pictured… whoops!)
  • Bowl
  • Vodka (or rubbing alcohol, but vodka works better)
First, put on your base coat and two coats of your base polish color. Make sure they are very dry before moving on to the next step. A small fan will help speed up the process.
Emily Snuffer

Next, after pouring vodka into your bowl, dip in your finger. Now’s a good time to yell, “What a waste of good vodka!” in your best drunken impression.

Emily Snuffer

With your finger still very wet with vodka, wrap a single strip of newsprint around your finger, with the words facing down on to your nail. Press firmly for 10 seconds. Make sure not to move the newspaper strip otherwise you’ll have smooshed text.

Emily Snuffer

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Next, add your top coat. And, you’re done! How easy is that?

Emily SnufferEmily Snuffer

I want to see pictures if you try it! I also want to try it on white, light pink or light yellow polish.

– emily

 p/s: Have any of you signed up for a monthly Birchbox? I am so tempted, but not sure if it’s worth it. I love the idea of getting a little gift in the mail each month.

p/p/s: Yes, those are my Harry Potter 3D glasses in the photos and I have no intention of throwing them away anytime soon.


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  • Lyndsey says:

    What a cute idea! I might pick-up a bottle of ridge filler – the tips of my nails always peel back and I think it might help fill in the nail and help avoid chipped polish.

  • Angie says:

    This is a pretty awesome idea. Yes, I have tried Birchbox! I was super excited about the idea of this, and so far have received 3 boxes. I would say that I like 25-30% of the products included. I get SUPER excited when they arrive in the mail, but usually end up a wee bit disappointed by the goods. I did get a Jouer lip gloss I love and a full-size Laura Gellar bronzing powder that’s pretty great, but other than that I’m not sure I would actually buy the other products I’ve been sent. I’m going to give it 2 more months and then decide if I should continue.

    • emily says:

      Good to know about Birchbox. I think I’m more excited about getting girly goods every month in the mail versus what they actually are. It’s the “Oooo! I have a package in the mail!” factor. I’m praying for good stuff but you and several people have told me the same thing – don’t expect too much. We’ll see how it goes! – Emily

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